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Posted by Alex

Pre-emptive apology for my spotty spanish.

Posted by Jayzilla

@Alex said:

Pre-emptive apology for my spotty spanish.


Posted by RichieJohn

Into it.

Hope it feels complete if I skip the co-op.

Posted by Legend

Looks interesting.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

@Alex said:

Pre-emptive apology for my spotty spanish.

Quest completed.

Posted by mrpandaman

Tierra del fuego.

Posted by MattBodega


Posted by Draxyle

I don't know what this is, but that art style is fantastic.

Posted by Monkeyman04

Love the art style of this. Makes me wish I had a PS3 or Vita.

Posted by Stealthmaster86


Posted by SupernormalStep

Me Gusta!

This looks great actually, definitely picking it up. Love the smooth animation and the look of the gameplay reminds me a bit of Rayman Origins.

Posted by jillsandwich

Well, shit. I was hoping to actually play this.

Posted by D_W


Posted by Calavero

@Alex said:

Pre-emptive apology for my spotty spanish.

Buenos gráficos, luchadores, y pollos aleatorios. ¿Qué no hay para amar?

Edited by beard_of_zeus

My hopes are high for this game. A Metroidvania game with an awesome art style done by the devs who did Tales From Space: About A Blob and its Vita counterpart (I heard nothing but good things about both of these)? Sign me up!
Reminds me quite a bit of Outland, with the Metroidvania trappings, flipping mechanic, unique art style, and co-op play. Not a bad thing though, Outland was great!

Posted by Cristoflanga

What's not to love? = Qué no hay para el amor?

Of course, that makes perfect sense!

Usted, señor, es un castor de Ucrania.

Edited by Ghost_of_Perdition

Se habla español! Chickens random for everyone!

Posted by TheMasterDS

Seems like a shame to put it out only on PSN. I mean yeah, I suppose I do have a PS3 now but I'd much prefer to buy it on XBLA where I can get points and play it with a superior controller.

Posted by geekbot

Can't wait to play this! We'll have a gaming fiesta when it comes out! :D

Posted by Tan

Nailed the title

Posted by leejunfan83

@Alex: No problemo muchacho

Posted by Master_Funk

Awesome. Hopefully all future PSN games will have a vita version since most will be awesome on the go with little graphical downgrade between versions.

Posted by Cloudenvy

That artstyle is incredibly awesome. Sold!

Posted by Mesoian

Super cool. Had a blast playing this at PAXEast.

Posted by Dan_CiTi


Posted by hughesman

i think i'll check this out on vita considering DrinkBox put out that excellent blob game at launch for vita.

Posted by Zleunamme

El titulo del articulo queria decir que el juego vay a salir para el Playstation tres y la Vita. El juego se ve muy bien en la demostracion del video. Tiene un estilo de arte muy amable con luchadores lleno de color y pollos aleatorias. ¿Que hay de no amar? Muchas gracias por esto, Alex.

Posted by darkvare

el huracan ramirez

Posted by AURON570

I can hear the quick look now...

Patrick, "I love the art style, it's very retro but also modern. I love what they do with the vibrant colors it really adds character."

Posted by Stinky51012

@TheMasterDS said:

prefer to buy it on XBLA where I can play it with a superior controller.

Pffffhah! Great joke!

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I need to go watch Blood in Blood out now. I love Latino Heritage!

Posted by beepmachine

Kinda surprised this isn't on xbox as well since they demoed it on the xbox at PAX. I asked them if it would come to Vita (please put your game on the vita, there are no games on the vita) and they hadn't decided. Anyway, it was super fun, everyone should pick this up.

Posted by Box3ru13

This actually looks pretty fucking cool, I'll have to check this out.

Posted by TimFReilly

Hardcore metroid game with a sweet style? Looks awesome!

Posted by AthleticShark

"Non-stop action!"

Shows scenes without any action.

Posted by yyZiggurat

I would buy this on PSN.

Posted by Daveyo520

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Damn you Microsoft! You should have paid them more. :(

Posted by RetroVirus

Excellent! It's nice when a title comes to PSN first if at all anymore. I need more Metroidvania games.

Posted by joshthebear

I'd much rather have this on 360, since I rarely buy things on psn. Also I hate the ps3 controller so much. It's so imprecise.

Posted by Purpington

Love the art style

Posted by Claude

An Alex in hand is worth two birds in the bush.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Aw man Sony exclusive? There is a dearth of good Mexican themed games damnit! Why must you limit this one!

Posted by SpecDotSign

@TheMasterDS: superior controller? c'mon homie. don't play yourself.

Posted by SpecDotSign

So now that this is Sony exclusive, will Giant Bomb not cover this game? I kid I kid.

But just by reading some of the comments here, it's a sin that it's not on xbla. And the PS3 controller is better than the 360 controller. Deal with it.

Posted by revizion

This one looks like a mashup of Outland + Shank. I'm wit it.

Posted by aXone

Me gusta !

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

El Presidente's daughter has been kindapped! Are you a bad enough hombre to save her?

I already liked the look of this, but the instant that dude transformed into a chicken I had my GotY.

Edited by vonFlampanker

This is looking cool. Glad to see the Vita get some love, especially after Journey and Closure were no-shows.

Posted by Aetheldod

Por el amor del buen Jebus .... que bazofia de español Alex , muy decepcionado >:3 Lo que no hay para el amor is not even used in this context whatsoever ... ever , in spanish , the correct sentence would be something more like ¿Que mas puedes pedir? ¿Que mas puedes desear? This is one of those sentences that does not have a direct/literal translation, Also I hated the cartoon , what bunch of BS it was .

Posted by paulunga

@Stinky51012 said:

@TheMasterDS said:

prefer to buy it on XBLA where I can play it with a superior controller.

Pffffhah! Great joke!

I know, right?

Both current controllers are awesome. Just try and compare them to monstrosities of the past like the original Xbox controller, the Dreamcast one or the NES brick. Complaining about the current ones is fanboyism at its worst.

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