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Cool, I've wanted to see some of Jeff's stuff.  I still kinda want to see all the junk in his room that you can see in the background of all the jar videos.

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Giant Bomb Storage Wars Auction. Do It.

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i got a Hoarders feel out of this video

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Good stuff. Hold onto that first generation PSX analog controller, rare and more comfortable than the dualshock.

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If you were trying to sell all the games that you do not play anymore, you would not need a roomie! that's for sure ... (entertaining "behind the scenes" video btw)

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I have 2 similar boxes of old PC games as well. Don't know why I bother hanging on to them, now that most of those games are on steam.

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did I see a hand written sign of "Pilates Rodeo Records" posted in there??

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To be fair, what isn't fun when you're Dexing?

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Dat games.

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I think there would be some piracy involved in the Neo Geo CD emulator stuff, if it requires a BIOS image to boot up (I know the AES stuff emu did, never seen the NGCD one)

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@jukezypoo: Talking to authority figures.
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Start an eBay store!

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I'll concede that, or maybe the first fourty five minutes.

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Jeff, keep ALL OF YOUR shiz. Anyone that's telling you to get rid or sell them are just jealous.

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I'd go crazy if I had all that crap. I'd have to sell like 90% of it.

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This is the true ending to Mass Effect 3...

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@Monkeyman04 said:

What does that sign say? "Sex is.." Sex is what!?


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If I had a collection like that I'd build an additional large cement and steel room with plenty of shelving. And of course living in New Orleans, this room would have to be raised or on a second story.

I don't even want to think about all the shit I lost in Katrina that I've been blocking out of my mind for the past 6 years or so.

wow -OK here's my shoulder you can cry on for a while mate. Need more attention?

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Jeff is the next angry video game nerd

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Oh god, so many bad current gen games on the shelf.

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If those Amigas ever get dusted off for a vid, then please dig out Nebulous, Stock Car Racer, Shadow of the Beast and Speedball 2. Anyone who wonders what Nebulous was like can download a free version for the PC called Tower Toppler.

Yes, americans needs to be taught what a real gaming system looked like back at the turn of the 90s.

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Rats off to ya.

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I can't decide whether this video is inspirational or pitiful.

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The OCD part of me just wants to SORT ALL THE THINGS.

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I swear I thought his VGA award was a bong at first.

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Jeff, I'll take some of the merch of your hands :)

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I was hoping he would open the GTA IV box...curious as to what is in it.

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I would absolutely love it if Jeff appears on the next episode of Hoarders: "Jeff, have you considered selling some games?" Jeff: "NO IT'S MY LIFE- TO ME GAMING IS A RELIGION"

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@Scodiac said:

@BlaineBlaine said:

I got this one guys...

This should be posted on the Bomb Shelter for sure. I died laughing. Freakin' great job man.

Really great job!


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This is like an episode of Hoarders

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@Max21 said:

@RobotHamster said:

@Scodiac said:

@BlaineBlaine said:

I got this one guys...

This should be posted on the Bomb Shelter for sure. I died laughing. Freakin' great job man.

Really great job!


That was pretty good.

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Gonna have to watch this with the context of the move fresh in mind.

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hahaha It's pretty funny that he had this stuff out for the move yet his yet since he can't talk about it he just says that there were rats in his garage.

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You should just straight up sell some this stuff. like one of the NES...would buy and ship..as well as some other thins video

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@TripMasterMunky: really, I think i would keep most of it..but hey I am the guy who is currently trying to purchase and own every console/ video game system that has come out..

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Holy crap that is a lot of games.

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How is that Rubik's cube not solved!!! What's wrong with this world.

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This video has a totally different context knowing what we know now.

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Jeff you need a carousel or something. You need to invoke the third dimension to start storing this array of stuff in any form of organization.

Or you need a gallon of gasoline and the will to do the right thing.

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Kick starter for a Jeff Gerstmann video game museum. Ps. Bop n wrestle. Holy shit I love Jeff

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This video reminds me of why I love digital distribution, lol.

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why not throw this things away. You probably will never use that staff again and for next 10 or 20 yers your whole hause will be not enough.

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100% raw Gerstmann!

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3 NES's are too many, if they all work. Worse if they don't.

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could trade that all in for about, a billion dollars

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how do you not get massively distracted and have to play some of the stuff you dig out. also did you keep a old tv that will actually run some of that stuff properly?

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@Max21 said:

@RobotHamster said:

@Scodiac said:

@BlaineBlaine said:

I got this one guys...

This should be posted on the Bomb Shelter for sure. I died laughing. Freakin' great job man.

Really great job!


That was pretty good.

Brilliant and haunting.

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When I get my time machine I'm gonna ask Jeff for that wristband so I can go back to the 2002 Sony E3 thing.