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Posted by FallenFatKid

cool video

Posted by Tarsier

I like these guys but it kind of destroys the whole "4 guys out of their basement is sausalito" or whatever that phrase was eh? Kind of awkward.

Posted by player66

Wow guys, great video. It's fun to see non-Gamespot guys on the Videos. Very professional and off-the-cuff. Keep it coming!

Posted by Sharpshooter

GiantBombs new MMO coverage team?

Posted by FCKSNAP

It's  great to see some of the 'guys from above'. Hopefully we'll get to see more dudes in the future, not just the GiantBombers.

Posted by English

I was rather disappointed with this compared to the Gamespot WAR discussion vid.

Posted by Wright


Posted by GioVANNI

You guys should be in the Bombcast.  Or at least guest star sometimes.

Posted by ZAPBoston

This was a great video. Hope to see more of you two doing some commentary in the future. My only feedback would be to add a little bit of gameplay video or photos to your video. I know this would require some post-production work and this video was kinda "a cappella" - but i think it would have added so much to this content. Many thanks. 

Posted by nirv

Why don't these guys ever disagree with each other? They should've written the lyrics to most Nirvana songs because they seem to like to say "yeah" a lot.

Posted by Osiris

I am a WoW "addict" as they say they are but atm i am not playing that much since I'm waiting for wrath, which from the looks and sounds of it, will be awesome. Ihave been thinking about WAR a lot checking out what it's about etc. It seems cool but since I am a PvE focussed player I don't think I'll play it very long.

Nice video, very real.. If I can put it like that hmm let me just call it GiantBomb style, the way it is supposed to be.

Keep it up.

Posted by Aaron_G

I like the couch. Good thing it is no longer like flea ridden.

Posted by Trilvester

This video needs to gameplay footage or something.  Watching 2 guys talk isn't very exciting on its own.  Good video never the less.

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

Hrm... like WoW in gameplay? I'm sorry, I'll wait for Darkfall.

Posted by Absurd

Hope to see more of these guys in the future, Maybe they'll get a little more comfortable around the camera, Or maybe it was just me that thought it was a tiny bit awkward

Posted by English


I don't see the need for such a rude comment. I cannot see how anyone who has watched both videos would not agree with me. Regardless of my dislike for cnet, the gamespot video was much better put together. The staff had a much better understanding and knowledge of the game, and didn't seem nearly as awkward as this video to me.

It doesn't mean that I didn't like this video, I didn't say that. In fact, I appreciate that Giantbomb is giving Warhammer coverage with this rather then not at all.

Posted by floodiastus

Come on people whats with the fanatic inner circle stuff. You guys only want to see the magic 4?

Only thing missing is the luchadeer on the wall between em :)
Posted by kappamerc

I totally jumped into the water of death.  Great video!

Posted by mawfu

I  threw out a couch just like that. The wood panels really set it off.

Posted by DukeTogo

Abilitease would be pretty tough in an MMO, you'd have to do some sort of instanced area where perhaps you were solo and followed some quest chain with NPCs.  Something similar to Age of Conan's 1-20 area, but with a high level toon equipped with some epic gear.  Maybe at the end of the chain you get killed and when you res you're reincarnated at level 1 with little to no memory of those events, but you the player got to see what you're in for if you choose to go on.  Maybe even make it so the whole character creation portion takes place after that, so you don't waste time on it.  It could work, but so far only Age of Conan came close to it and in truth, it was the best part of the game.

So far most MMOs give you a pretty good amount of info on just what the classes do, and there is no shortage of outside information on the web about class mechanics.  It's just good sense to research a class before dedicating your precious time to leveling a toon.  Granted this is for a game that's been around for years and has every possible angle covered.  A new game is a bit of a crapshoot and you have to rely on Beta test feedback, and then it could all change in the next few months anyway.

I hope to see a follow-up report when the guys are farther along.

It's also a sly way to avoid any possible issues regarding relationships with developers of the game by having these dudes talk about it rather than the other three.

Posted by Valkyr

I think that WAR might be the game i was waiting to jump into the mmorpg genre again, it seems to be a pretty polish game despite of being in it early stages, do you remember wow when it came out?. The other thing is that is doesn't have that childish art style which is very annoying about wow.

Posted by coonce

nice chain ;)

Posted by Media_Master

NEED GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE IF POSSIBLE!! otherwise nice video for MMO players

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Hey guys, any chance of not making a "hey, lets tell the boys about US, forget the game" intro in the future? Srsly people, srsly. *flashback to the WotLK gamespot marathon*

But otherwise, good info. I wish I had the money for this game. Damn WoW...

Posted by Stry8993

LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE IS YOUR CHOICE! Monster Play at Level 10 is sweet.

Posted by Ithryn

awesome beard snide!

Posted by DoctorWelch

Dave looks like a fucking lumberjack, hell yeah.

Posted by TekZero

Seriously thinking of getting back into this game, regardless of WoW. 

Posted by Storphrax

Oh god, I forgot Dave ever had the patchy mountain-man beard.

Edited by SatelliteOfLove

Dave's a Old School Holy Priest guy, so you have yet another reason to know he's legit awesome.

Edited by Vuud

So this is the legendary Hobo-Dave i have heard so little about.

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