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Waylon is a commanding officer from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. An experienced pilot, he was part of the Rubinelle air force until the meteors destroyed the country, the military, and more importantly the entirety of modern civilization. Without any responsibilities or rules holding him down he's able to bring out his true personality- unapologetically self-serving. Waylon only looks out for himself and isn't afraid to admit it. 
He quickly adjusts to the end of the world seeing it as an opportunity to do whatever he wants and get whatever he needs. People with self-righteous attitudes are a complete joke to him and he treats them with a snide attitude and plenty of sarcasm. Sometimes punctuates his sentences with "brother man".


As a pilot, Waylon does his best work in the sky. He offers an offensive and defensive boost for any aerial unit in his CO Zone.

CO Zone:
  • Size: 2
  • Boost: Offensive (**) boost and Defensive (***) boost
  • CO Power: Wingman, gives a heavy defensive boost to all air units


Waylon appears as an ally as well as an enemy throughout the campaign. He first appears in mission 7,"A Kind of Home" under attack by Lazurian forces until Brenner's Wolves save him. After a chat with Brenner about the importance of people looking out for themselves, he ditches his wounded men with the intent to join up with Admiral Greyfield's New Rubinelle Army. He's fine working with Greyfield as long as it allows him live it up with plenty of alcohol and women.

Later on, Brenner's Wolves are talked into helping Greyfield defeat General Forsythe and what's left of the Lazurian Army. Waylon offers air support in one mission although isn't much help, and gets to execute Forsythe under orders from Greyfield when Brenner defeats what's left of the Lazurians. It's not much longer until he's sent after Brenner's Wolves when they desert Greyfield's army while trying to save as many former Lazurian soldiers as they can.
His last appearance is the mission "Waylon Flies Again" facing off against Will. He plans it as his last mission hoping that wiping out Brenner's Wolves will put him in Greyfield's good graces for life. When his forces are defeated he quickly runs away and is not heard of for the rest of the game.

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