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Wii Sports Review

probably the funniest game ever. you have so much fun while playing this game. the graphics are not brilliant but at the end of the day your using characters with no arms so the graphics don't need to be that good.its made up of 5 games (boxing,bowling,golf,tennis and baseball) and also features training and fitness tests. i would have paid £30 for this game but it comes free with the wii console making it even better. this game is probably the main reason i bought the wii console. great game and a game that never gets boring. the only downside is that there is no online play

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Posted by AddictedGamer50

Very good review. I think it has a few more downsides then you state, but your review is very well said and you state your simple opinion. Not an entire description of the game that makes the review boring. 

Posted by newtruegunner

Thanks for the cnc mate:D

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