So nintendo is abandoning motion control?

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That's essentially what I got out of the Wii U. It seems they discovered motion control was a bust in terms of viable gameplay (don't talk to me about Wii Hardware sales that doesn't mean motion control is good) and have gone the way of touch screens...which leads me to the question why not just use buttons like we've been using. I know Nintendo is trying to be innovative but can anyone explain to me how the Wii U offers something that the Xbox 360 and PS3 doesn't already, besides playing your games on a tablet screen which is kind of lame since your already playing on a big screen?

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I'm pretty sure the Wii U thing still has some form of motion control in it (shield demo). Also apparently each Wii U is only going to use one of those new controllers and the rest will be wiimotes so it doesn't seem like Nintendo is abandoning it at all.

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Unlimited buttons!

Well, maybe not unlimited, but as many as you can fit on the touchscreen.

And they aren't really real buttons as they are just virtual buttons...

But still, you can use the screen for gameplay purposes, minigames could maybe be played on it, and you still have real buttons on the controller.

#4 Posted by sreya92 (229 posts) - in other words it's the WiiHD w/Ipad substitute?

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Wii U games are guaranteed to support Wii Remotes and the WiiPad has motion controls so the answer is no. Motion controls aren't going away and they'll eventually be perfected.

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Wii U supports Wii Remotes. And the Wii U controller has gyroscopes and accelerometers and whatnot for motion controls itself. They're not doing away with it, they're just taking the focus off it. And I think that's all that really needs to be done. Motion controls can work, but they aren't always appropriate for every single game. And the dual analogue controls of the Wii U controller means that there is a conventional control method available out of the box. It's the best of both worlds, really.

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What? No. The Wii U uses the Wiimotes and the new Wii U controller uses forms of motion control as well. I guess what the Wii U offers is a far more accessible experience to people outside of conventional gaming, a library of Nintendo games that can't be found on other systems, and forms of interfacing that count be found on other consoles.

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@MattyFTM I agree, best of both worlds definetely.
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Wii U is still a motion control, but now it has the functionality of a regular controller too, and then some.

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Yeah they're not abandoning motion control by a long shot but what they are doing is trying to appeal to a wide variety of gamers with the controller having shoulder buttons and triggers and analogue sticks so that they can get the Call of Duty's of the world to release on the Wii U not requiring having Motion Controlled Functionality to try and bring back the core, getting people who play DS games onto the Wii U with the touch screen and stylus set up and then keeping with the casual with the motion controlled mini game collections they just can't get enough of!


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