Red Steel 2 in Development

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...However, Corre made specific mention of Nintendo's recently announced MotionPlus add-on, noting that Red Steel 2 is "the typical product that will appreciate the new device", with the possibility for 1:1 motion control helping Ubisoft "be even more precise in what we do with the product".

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This was one of those games everyone was positive it was coming, we just needed confirmaton and now we finally do! I was interested in Red Steel until those awful reviews started being published therefore I never played the game. Red Steel 2  looks promissing but I won`t hype it, this time around I will wait for the game to come out before I create any expectations.

It is great to hear that they will use the MotionPlus it will help a lot with the sword motions. I may be wrong, but isn`t this the first game - Wii Sports 2 aside - that is confirmed to use the device?

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I'm in the same boat as Earthbounder. I was interested in Red Steel until people bashed the crap out of it, so I held off. Hopefully Red Steel 2 doesn't bomb with the Wii MotionPlus addition. It would suck to have one of the first compatible games be horrid.

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I enjoyed the first one, it wasn't great but it was pretty decent for a launch game. I'm gonna keep my eye on this one

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we where promised 1:1 controls, and I was deceived. We are still promised 1:1 controls, and this time I won't get excited.

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I liked the first one, just wanted to see it do better. Hopefully this one can redeem it.

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There has to be blood, though.

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It'll be interesting to see how this game turns out with the MotionPlus.

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Pretty exciting that it's using Wii MotionPlus. The original showed a lot of promise, but ultimately failed for being rushed for Wii launch and a technical mess.

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If they make the same mistakes that they did on Red Steel, then I'll be rather displeased. I want some sword fighting action with the Wii remote dammit!

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I guess I'm one of the few that managed to tolerate the original. Wii Motion Plus and a bigger budget could make this game pretty cool. 

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systech said:
"There has to be blood, though.
Ah yes, i was highly disappointed with that aspect of the first
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The first Red Steel was a pretty good game, I hope the sequel will improve greatly over the predecessor.

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Flop already confirmed.The first one sucked the second one wont be anybetter.

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Isn't this that game that got really hyped and made people think the Wii was capable of playing "real" games but reallllllllllllly sucked?

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Alright, just like everyone else, Im not going to get all excited about the game after what happened with the horrible original Red Steel. Wow did that game look awesome at the time. To bad it ended up SUCKING! But since they said that its been in development for many months then that is pretty good news. Sword fighting with 1:1 controls would be great with Wii Motion Plus.

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If the swordfighting is good, then alright, I'll probably get it.
But at the normal shooting, The Conduit will almost definitely take the cake.

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I loved the commercial for redsteel 1 =P

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