Virtual console/Wii Shop transfer to Wii U?

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Here's a question I have: Will there be any way to transfer "ownership" of all those NES and SNES virtual console games I bought for the Wii?  
Like maybe a one time serial number console-to-console transfer so all purchased games on the Wii can be re-downloaded for the Wii U. 
I honestly spent over $300 on virtual console old school games and it's made selling my Wii fror $30-$50 unjustifiable...

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Nintendo hasn't made any announcement on that front. Though, given that it's (now) possible to transfer DSi purchases to a 3DS, I imagine that Nintendo is working on some sort of solution that would allow data transfer from a Wii to a Wii U. But then, I'm only guessing.

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Nice, I wasn't aware they had a process for transferring DSi to 3DS (not much into handhelds). Thanks for the info. Here's hoping they figure something out!

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It would be cool if it were the last time I had to use a friend code. Transfer complete.

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That could be an easy way to transfer ownership since every Wii has a unique code right? They could have the transfer verified through their online service or something.

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Old post but very relevant now. Hope to hear something tomorrow, this alone will help me decide if I pick up the console early or wait on it.

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