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 To Insanity and Beyond (Spoiler Alert)

William Redmoor made his debut appearance in Dementium: The Ward as a nameless and silent protagonist. He was convicted for the murder of his wife and daughter, and was sent to the Redmoor hospital for rehabilitation. However, he has no memory of who he is and no recollection of killing his family, so the player is left to decide whether or not he really did commit the crime. 
As he wakes up at the derelict hospital, he equips himself with a copy of Torchlight and various weapons to fight against the monsters who are inhabiting the premise. As he progress, he sees visions of his wife and daughter as well as a mysterious doctor who dressed in black who appears to be the cause of all this insanity. The two confront in a basement and after an intense battle, the protagonist is victorious and later finds himself waking up in a well lit patient room with his family waiting outside to greet him. The player then discovers that the protagonist's family has not been killed, and he was in a lobotomy operation conducted by the mysterious Doctor, revealing that the events were not real and patient had been dreaming it all along. The Doctor then concludes that the patient has successfully completed phase 1 and is now ready for phase 2. 
The story continues in Dementium II and the protagonist's real name is revealed for the first time, although his face is never to be seen anywhere in the game or in the manual. Redmoor is transferred to Bright Dawn Treatment Center to complete his rehabilitation (phase 2). The center is not only a hospital but a prison to lock up the most mentally insane patients. Redmoor escapes from his prison cell and fights his way out through the security guards. He begins to experience hallucination of some kind as he sees hideous monsters and rooms turning into darkness (much like the Silent Hill series). He also sees visions of his wife and daughter again (Who are revealed to be Elizabeth and Amanda) as well as the mysterious Doctor, who keeps talking to him at the intercom. Redmoor and the Doctor confront each other and once again, the antagonist is no match for the lobotomized hero. As he walks to the exit, he sees a mirror on the wall with the reflection of the Doctor's and not his. The Doctor grabs Redmoor towards the mirror and the credit rolls. 

William Redmoor's Record from Dementium II

Patient #: 47329 
Patient Intake: 10-31-07 
Transferred from: Cowling State Hospital for The Criminally Insane 
Background: Allegedly murdered wife and suffered psychotic break. Presented with low level of function/ high suicide risk (GAF 13), possible schizotypal disorder but officially diagnosed as unclassified mental illness (F99). 
Treatment Protocol: Phase One.

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