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Wisps are creatures in Sonic Colors that were kicked off of their home planet in order for Dr. Eggman to build an amusement park. The Wisps will give Sonic different powers throughout the game.

Wisp Types

ColorDescriptionSonic AbilityGame Version(s)Picture
White The White Wisp will completely fill Sonic's boost gauge so it will increase his speed, and make him attract rings. White Boost DS and Wii
White Wisp
Yellow The Yellow Wisp lets Sonic drill underground and to shoot through the water. If Sonic runs out of Yellow Wisp power while drilling underground, Sonic will die. Yellow Drill DS and Wii
Yellow Wisp
Cyan The Cyan Wisp allows Sonic to move at a lightning speed and use a special zig-zag attack. Cyan Laser DS and Wii
Cyan Wisp
Blue The Blue Wisp will switch on the blue rings and the blue blocks. When the rings and blocks are switched on, you can reach places that were previously unreachable. Blue Cube Wii
Blue Wisp
GreenThe Green Wisp will turn Sonic into a green hovering type creature. While in this mode Sonic can reach higher areas than normal. Sonic will also gain the ability to use a high speed dash. Green Hover Wii
Green Wisp
Pink The Pink Wisp allows Sonic to roll up walls and use his spin dash. Sonic can not use his double jump or use the stomp and slide. Pink Spikes Wii
Pink Wisp
PurpleThe Purple Wisp will turn Sonic into a chomping berserker. This power will allow Sonic to eat enemies and grow larger in size with each one. Purple Frenzy Wii
Purple Wisp
Violet The Violet Wisp will turn Sonic into a sort of black hole that will allow Sonic to suck up both enemies and rings. Sonic will grow in size for every enemy he sucks up. Violet Void DS
Violet Wisp
Orange The Orange Wisp will give Sonic the rocket power. The rocket power will allow Sonic to reach heights he is not normally able to. Orange Rocket DS and Wii
Orange Wisp
Red The Red Wisp turns Sonic into a fireball. The fireball power allows Sonic to have an infinite number of mid air jumps, and is also invulnerable to attack. Red Burst DS
Red Wisp

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