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Witch is a character from the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series. She debuted as the traditional witch RPG enemy class in Madou Monogatari III before becoming a single character in the Puyo Puyo series. She always greets Arle Nadja (and the player) with an enthusiastic "Oissu!"

She is another of Arle's rivals; however, she, along with Draco, Seriri and Chico, joins Arle's search party in Puyo Puyo~n. After the GBA Puyo Pop, she is not seen again until Puyo Puyo 7, where she appears as a cameo. In the following game, 20th Anniversary, she becomes a playable character. Her attacks are named after outer space objects and phenomena: Meteor, Tachyon, Black Hole, Quasar, and Big Bang. Her theme in 20th Anniversary is based on the third BGM from Puyo Puyo Tsu's single-player mode.

In Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, she is replaced by Robotnik's henchman Grounder; in Kirby's Avalanche, Paint Roller appears in her place.

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