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A wizard, an orb... Pure old school gaming goodness

Wizorb Reviewed by Doc D Strange

Wizorb is a gem of a game that not many people played or even heard of. This game has been buried in the garbage of mostly all the indie games in the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace. I will make this a short review because there's not alot of story to Wizorb but tons of fun for almost all gamers.


In the Kingdom of Gorudo, you play as the Wizard Cyrus who hates monsters and demons and wants to save the cursed town of Tarot. To do that Cyrus has to transform into a board and an bouncing orb to break the evil blocks of... evil? Sure why not.

Indie game at it's finest.

If anyone has ever played the old school game Arkanoid this game is that but with light RPG elements mixed into the top down style parts like Zelda on NES. Wizorb is mainly breaking blocks with your orb but adding magic to the stages, you are a Wizard right. Cyrus has the abilities to shoot fireballs and using his wind power to push/pull the orb in the direction you would like.


Wizorbs graphics are an old school gamers love letter to an age of gaming that you don't see much now a days. I will let the images speak for themselves, if your the type of gamer that loves 8-bit or 16-bit graphic and gameplay this is a game you would be interested in.

Games can take a long time though.

I can't characterize this game without saying "old school" but it's true. The audio and sounds like the graphics are old school bliss. The music is on par with some of the best from the NES and SNES days.


None, this is old school gaming SON!

Is this game any fun

If your nostalgic for gaming from the early 90's then check this out. Wizorb is only 240 MS point, let me put it this way. You could spend 240 MS points on a damn premium spectre pack that will give you random shit for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer or you could buy this full game for the same price. Start raiding the tomb that is the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace and find this golden treasure amongst piles of MineCraft clones.

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