**X360 Gamertag Thread**

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Great work on the list.


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add me if you like.

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This post has not been updated in 4 weeks. We all ready have another thread that is being used for all tags. Use that one. 

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No idea if this thread is still alive, but my gamertag is Cincaid
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Mister Ugly is my GT

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GT = lazywhiteb0y

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SG Mahonay.
If you're interested in adding me as a friend send me a message.  My Friends List is pretty much always full.  I'm a part of another gaming community (Seasoned Gamers) whose members have taken up most of those spots.  I really wish Microsoft would just turn whatever switch that needs to be turned to increase the cap from 100.  We're 5 years into the life cycle of the 360 and even longer into the life cycle of Xbox Live.  It's not inconceivable that some people have maxed out their Friends List by now.  I have deleted people so many times to make room for more.  It's getting increasingly tough to pick someone out to delete now that I have fine tuned my Friends List, purely out of having to do this shit all the time.

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My GT is Joey Ravn. Feel free to add me, though I don't have many multiplayer games ATM...

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My GT is Revan NL. Feel free to add me

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GB: LongMasterWolf 
GT: LongMasterWolf 
Play alot of Halo

#1062 Posted by momosauky1 (148 posts) -

holy shit good on yah guys 

#1063 Posted by SquigglyElf (40 posts) -

I've got CoD, Left 4 Dead 1+2 and some other multiplayer games. 
GT: SquigglyElf

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gonna be getting need for speed hot pursuit and as i hear it the best way to play is to have a few people on your friends list also playing it 
so add me Kerse4143

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In the need for some more Co-op/multiplayer friends so feel free to add me: ChicoChanqlueta

#1066 Posted by kerse (2113 posts) -

i need some GB friends

#1067 Posted by takua108 (1479 posts) -

Eh, what the hell, my gamertag is takua108, I'd like some GB friends too :)

#1068 Posted by wormz (140 posts) -

My tag is wormzatan, I'd like to have a bunch of GB friends!

#1069 Posted by MrCellophane (524 posts) -

My gamertag is StanchGryphon38 (auto-generated. I haven't bothered to change it yet). I'm totally new on the Xbox, and would love to have some GB friends to compete achievements against, or maybe even play some co-op every now and then?

#1070 Posted by JoyfullOFrockets (1177 posts) -

Halo Reach, Bioshock 2 are what I'm playing now. Will be getting Crackdown 2 soon so we may indulge in insane orb collecting.

#1071 Posted by natetodamax (19205 posts) -

My Gamertag is iTz LuchaDeer

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gamertag = member name

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more the better right?
uber skedy

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Been in the UK for a year now so didnt have an Xbox 360 until a month ago, gamertag is Sitchlah, feel free to add me if you want to play some games, i don't have many yet, Crackdown 2, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Assassins Creed 2 and Dantes Inferno

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Gamertag scQQcs  (mainly playing Kinect bowling)

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my member name and Gamertag are the same...ILostR2
 are you looking for friends to play co-op and multiplayer with then come check out www.xboxlivehq.com. we are a community based website, for gamers by gamers. so close that book, clear out of that space, and make your way over to our place at www.xboxlivehq.com. 

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Don't know why I'm not on the list all ready but whatever. Come one come all. GT: HadesTimer  
       I play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit the most, but I get around to most new stuff.  Halo Reach, MW2, SSFIV, etc... 

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gamertag = frankie773  
*Just got my xbox btw..so new gamertag.

#1084 Posted by 01001011 (19 posts) -

Giantbomb  -   01001011

#1085 Posted by Khemitude (222 posts) -

GT is Dextrous Mage feel free to add me anyone.

#1086 Posted by BubbaFenix (9 posts) -

GT: BubbaFenix. I play lots of Gears of War 2 and BFBC2. If you add me, shoot me a msg so I know you're from GB. Thanks!

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GT: Giacomito 
Just got my xbox today, dont have gold yet. Will activate it when i return home in May. 
but please feel free to add me as I know nobody with an xbox lol.  
EDIT:, got gold the other day. There was a cheap promotion going so had to upgrade lol. 
I have Halo Reach, but since I just got an xbox I suck at it. (so different from COD) 
I plan on getting Gears of War 2 as well, so hit me up if you wanna play any of those 2 games.

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Mine is Hizang (Any chance of having this sticked to the 360 forum?)
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Changed my gamertag : ish0turfac3
#1090 Posted by iszla (2 posts) -

I have no friends yet so add my tag if you want :D

#1091 Posted by hatebreeder (12 posts) -

pool of dread 
MVC3 even though I fuckin suck at it, few other bit's n' bobs.

#1092 Posted by stesmithy83 (1 posts) -

smithy1983uk feel free to add

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My gamertag is "tabbed." I just got a new 360 so duders, feel free to add me. 

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GT: Noizia22

#1096 Posted by CaptainAnarchy (36 posts) -

MisterSmi13y, typically I'll be seen playing MW2 and Halo Reach

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#1098 Posted by anbumakura (151 posts) -

GN Anbu

#1099 Posted by DallasTheGamer (154 posts) -

Feel free to add. : )

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GT: xChrisxCross , I bought an xbox three days ago but have yet to add any friends since I have none :( (who have an xbox that is)

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