Need advice on possible xbox one purchase

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I really want to get one off amazon on financing, I'm just afraid I'll regret it. I already own Ps4 and will play all my multi-platform games on that. But, I've played killer instinct and forza and desperately want to play them. Can I wait for when Titanfall is bundled it or should I just take the plunge? I would love some non-partial opinions thanks!

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if I was you I would wait to see how things go.

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Wait, Forza 5 is a scam and Killer Instict is just in it's beginning phases. Wait till late next year.

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If you reeeally want it and you're not putting yourself out too much getting it on finance, then I'd say go for it.
Only you can really say whether or not its going to be worth it

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I wouldn't count on a Titanfall bundle, unless you want to wait a few years. The earliest bundle for the 360 I can remember was the Forza 2 and MUA(maybe?) bundle in 2007 or 2008. That was either two or three years after launch. If there are games you want to play, and you can afford it, I don't see any reason not to buy one now. It will be a while before we see any price drops.

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I'm partial towards the PS4. If there are games on the Xbox One right now that you want can justify its purchase, go ahead. Otherwise wait until there are games.

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I'm not sure how amazon's financing system works, but if you're paying a penny over the standard price of the Xbone just wait until you can buy it outright. Aside from that, its not like any price drops are coming, but that Titanfall bundle could be nice assuming it actually happens.

So here's the thought process: Is waiting the time from now until Titanfall comes out worth more or less than $60 to you? Titanfall is 3 months away so assuming the bundle does come out, you're saving $20/month by waiting for it.

To me, playing games I really want to play, especially when they're new and have thriving communities is worth the $60. If you have any interest in playing KI and Forza online, getting it now is going to let you get in before everyone gets way better at the game a few months from now, and with the way Forza's crazy online sounds, playing when there is a lot of players is going to make finding full games a lot easier.

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I just never saw the point in waiting. Waiting until what? By March, you're still gonna pay $700 for all the little things from the part of the console purchase. To me, console lanunches are a journey. And this shit is pretty fun. And you know, I look at my friends list, and I usually see like five friends IRL that have decided to buy say CoD: Ghosts/Battlefield 4 on 360. And that shit is just uhm, wack.

I dunno. I like this next-gen launch. And word is that current gen is only gonna last like 3 more years. Why wait a year and a half to play the CoD you want?. I mean, plus the exclusives, sure. Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and Metal Gear V's "Jamais Vu" mission, are all gonna be pretty worth it on XONE. Why wait three months, I suppose?. I mean I saved for like a year, so there's that.

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Buy it now or you will regret it forever.

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@blu3v3nom07: I don't see the point of buying it if you end up waiting for something to play. That might not be the case for the OP, but I've seen some people on here ask, "why wait?" Why not?

You can use those funds for something else.

I decided to cancel my PS4 pre-order and wait for more games I'd like to play. I know I'll eventually get it, but by waiting, that allowed me to take those funds and take a trip. That's much better than simply having a PS4 sitting there unused and me not taking this trip.

Why wait? That's easy to answer: because there weren't enough games on it for me.

Edit: For some reason, the editor completely lost half of my post. Too lazy to write it again. TLDR: warranties, game prices.

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I would jump in as I am really enjoyin my One.
I don't even have cable but the philosophy behind the console being at the center of your entertainment living room is actually smart. My xbox is almost always turned on and I do lot's through it. There's annoyances but I'm sure they will be ironed out. It's a great console, I'm sure PS4 is too.

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It's a preference thing obviously, and especially if finances are involved. And it's all about the games right now for me.

If there are games you really wanna experience on the new xbox, then go for it.

What I'm enjoying on the One is seeing the upgrades to the games, both visually and feature wise. I'm sure this goes for both new consoles. Playing conquest in BF4 with 64 players for example. It's the capability upgrade of these new systems and what will come after devs really get time to utilize all the new power available is what is mega exciting for me. You can see that now, and all the future potential. That's pretty cool as well as all the new media integration happening on the xbox. There are a ton of issues too w/many of the games and the system that'll get addressed and ironed out in time, and maybe considering waiting would be wise if you'd rather avoid all that stuff. We've waited a long time too. Kinda hard to resist jumping in; just sort out priorities as far as the timing goes is my best advice I guess.

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As a person that Impulse bought one on Black Friday because it was there and they had one, I am truely indifferent. I have Forza 5 and it's pretty fun although, kind of janky... I find the media service stuff to be much better than the 360/ps3. So I have been using that as well. Being that they PS4 does that stuff I don't know.

Bottom line is. If you want it and will invest 100's hours in to the few games out for it right now sure, get it. However, I wouldn't open a line of credit to do it. That's the part that wants me to tell you no.

Overall my buyers remorse came in for a little bit, but I'm happy with it, although I've logged more hours on the 360/ps3/pc since I owned it.

EDIT: if you do get it, join the GB Forza race night thing!

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As someone who owns both systems, I would wait on the X1 unless you really want to play those games you mentioned. The games are fun, but not worth paying for the console just yet. The only reason I got the X1 was because I had two PS4's and someone wanted to trade me for it.

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I love my One.

If you can afford it its worth a buy. You'll have 4 months to get comfy with the way it works and get your game on before Titanfall.

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I like my Xbox one but if you already have a Ps4 just wait. The only reasons I got my Xbox one at launch was for Battlefield 4.

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I was torn on both. I ended up buying a one because it was in stock at Costco when I went there. However when I brought it home it was DOA. It won't connect to my network, and says it doesn't work. My 360 works fine on the network so I know it wasn't that. After talking with customer support they decided it was an issue with the system and would start a replacement. I decided to take it back to Costco and wait it out a little longer. So... Keep that in mind. They were more than willing to replace it, I just took it as a sign.

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There are not many reasons why anyone should own either console at this point, but if I had to recommend one console it would be the Xbox one (the games and features at the moment are much better than what the PS4 is offering). If you can afford the Xbox one you may as well go for it, there is a lot to like about the system and looking at 2014 there will be a tonne of exclusives to play on it. Waiting is also a valid option, but I very much doubt there will be a titan fall bundle.

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If you really, really want it, I say go for it if you can. There's not much reason to wait; I mean, all the games you want to play will come out at some point, even if the systems sits for a while, it'd still be nice to have. I don't know, I wouldn't wait if I could right then and there buy it (I have the money to do so, but I haven't searched well enough for places it's in stock, and I don't know which console I want more right now, the Xbox One or PS4.) On the other hand, it might be better to wait since... Well, I don't know, maybe whatever problems the two consoles have right now will be fixed by the time you really want to get it.

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If you want to regret your purchase go right ahead

The Xbox One is drowning, and it needs some serious help from Microsoft to get it out of the ocean.

Here's the deal, it comes down to how much Halo is worth to you. If Halo is worth dealing with the Kinect and getting fisted by Microsoft and paying $100 more for inferior hardware go right ahead.

If you decide Halo isn't worth that, (which it isn't) then buy a PS4 (which you own but for generalization sake) for Sony's superior development studios and unique exclusive games, or wait for the $499 steambox which will cover a vast majority of the Xbox One's library, include Steam and SteamOS, and play games at 1080p at 60fps.

It's as simple as that and anyone who tells you differently is in denial. Until the Xbox One drops $100 by dropping the Kinect the console is an inferior and more expensive product to its competition. That is the problem with the Xbox One, and that is why it is going to have a hard time and struggle outside of America throughout 2014.

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If money is so tight that you need to finance it then you should probably wait. But it is your money, do as you wish.

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If money is so tight that you need to finance it then you should probably wait. But it is your money, do as you wish.

Yeah, I'm of this mind. Financing something like a console seems super dumb to me. In fact financing something other than a house, or maybe a car seems dumb to me.

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Aside from the wonderful advice from IGN reject @xalienxgreyx you shouldn't finance a console. Finance a house or finance a car, but don't finance stuff like an xbox.

Wait until you actually have the money to buy it, and if it takes a while then you'll just have more games to play on it.

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@vinny_says: Well played

However it's impossible to be rejected from IGN so the jokes on you.

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Thanks everyone for the replies!!! It's shocking how much more civil the Giant bomb forums are compared to other sites!

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I would recommend not using credit on purchases like this unless you need the credit rating. If you couldn't afford to pay for it now, deferring that payment till later is kind of dubious plan and more expensive for you.

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@gamehandsome: I'm enjoying the xbone more than I thought I would, said so: Getting into debt for a console doesn't seems like a wise thing to do. Maybe hold a couple of months, there may even be a Titanfall SKU on march.

@xalienxgreyx you reaching neogaf levels of sadness dude, lots of people are happy with their xbone, Why spit so much hate?

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It's not worth that level of hassle. Wait on it until you're better able to afford it. Hppefully more games will be out by then, and maybe some of the more obnoxious quirks of the UI will have been patched.

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A Titanfall bundle would be phenomenal. I really hope one gets announced soon. I'm waiting to pick up the console til then to pick up the console anyway so I can just use my tax refund on it.

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Don't do it, as much as you feel like you want to play those games they are not worth putting yourself in the financial shitter. You will also get bored quickly and will have a long wait until new content starts coming out.

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I would never buy a console if I can't pay for it upfront. Even more in the case of X1 (or PS4). They've been recently released and there are only few games to play. You're way better of getting some classics for 360/PS3 for 20bucks. That's far cheaper and it'll keep you entertained till more games are out on the new systems and you've saved some money. Hell with PS3 you can even save the online service fee and still play multiplayer, or you go PS+ for 50 bucks and you're going to drown in "free" games.

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If you have the money for it and there are games out now or in the near future that you want to play, get one. If it is just going to sit there collecting dust and not being used until Titanfall comes out, wait to get one. It will be easier to find one in a store by then, but I don't think that they will have a Titanfall bundle, unless it is one that a store like Best Buy puts together.

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I bought the PS4 and the Xbox One and I use my Xbox One a lot more because of Dead Rising, Forza 5, and Killer Instinct. I use my PS4 every other day for an hour or so at a time to play Battlefield 4 and Resogun.

Since you already own a PS4, I don't think it is probably too smart to buy another console. There just isn't enough stuff out there to really justify one of these things, let alone two.

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No. Wait for a price drop. The Xbox One is $150 too much.

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I like my Xbox One. Killer Instinct is super fun. Dead Rising 3 is pleasant. Titan Fall is promising. I think the controller is really nice, better than my PS4's controller, and the UI is less clunky than the PS4 though, admittedly, it is very much a launch UI. Personally I see myself tending towards Xbox One for multiplatform stuff because of the controller. Take all that for what you will. Maybe you would dig it. Gamerpics are HUGE now.

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I also own both and try my best to be as non biased as i can, and i personally play my xbox more than my ps4 currently. Overall i like that the xbox feels like something new even tho it is a bit rough around the edges, but i feel like i can forgive them because i feel like they're trying more ambitious things. That's not to say that the PS4 doesn't feel new becuase it does but other than being stronger i feel like it's not doing much new at this point. The one big new thing it does is allow me to stream my games and i just don't really do that (mainly because i can't get anyone to watch lol) but other than that it's not doing anything different than what we had last gen, and that's not a bad thing because what it does do it does well. with all that said the reason i am playing my xbox more is a mix of 2 things and the first one is the most important. GAMES! I just really like DR3 and F5 those games just keep me coming back to the system because those are my 2 fav launch titles from either system. Secondly is at the moment my real life friends who got a next gen system went with xbox so when i game i have more people there to play and chat with so that makes the experience better overall.

this has just been a brief summary of why i like it and the reasons i do, i'm not trying to make an argument over which is better because i love them both. As gamers in the end it comes down to games and if you really want to play the games that are out now and there are some you want to get in the future for the console there's no reason to wait if you can afford it now. Good luck with your decision hope anything i said helps, if not.........well fuck me then! lol

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