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As the game begins, Hammond arrives along with tech specialist Kendra Daniels and engineer Isaac Clarke in response to the distress call of the USG Ishimura. However, within minutes of docking with the ship, the five members of the emergency response team are attacked by Necromorphs leaving the three specialists as the only survivors. Hammond and Kendra are then separated from Isaac but proceed to carry on with the mission on their end as well as support Isaac with directives and intel. It isn't until the situation on board the Ishimura deteriorates much later in the game, that Hammond calls an abort to the rescue mission.

Over the course of the game, Hammond falls in and out of contact with Isaac due to a communications disruption that prevents Isaac from receiving his transmissions. Hammond is eventually killed by a brute on board the USM Valor, while Isaac watches, unable to help.

Relationship with Kendra

Kendra Daniels

From the outset of the game, the relationship between Kendra and Hammond is strained. Kendra asserts that Hammond knows more about the situation aboard the Ishimura, and about the Marker specifically, than he lets on, being motivated to cover up the activities of the company that sent them. Despite her accusations, Hammond insists that he is as in the dark about the whole thing as the rest of them and that the mission at hand is his only priority.

His was voiced and had his likeness based on actor Peter Mensah.

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