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Basic Information

Zoah is one of the four Acacia Dragoons. He has a tendency to shout, which is represented in the game by all of his dialogue being in capital letters. Zoah has a yellow innate color, and wields his fists in battle. His past is a complete mystery, and he wears a helmet at all times, and little else to show off his muscles. 


Near the beginning of the game if you choose to try and get into Viper Manor through the Shadow Forest Zoah challenges the party to a battle. Zoah is told by Lynx to accompany Karsh and Marcy in their endeavor to try and stop Serge from entering Fort Dragonia. They are defeated, but recover in time to save a wounded General Viper

How to recruit

 The player is allowed to choose between recruiting Zoah or Karsh before trying to rescue Riddel from Viper Manor. If you choose Karsh, Zoah will join automatically on the S.S. Invincible after the mission is complete. 


Dragon Rider - Acquired at star level 3. Zoah rides a dragon up to the enemy and jumps off into a body slam. 
Sweep Attack - Acquired at star level 15. Zoah twirls around in the air to electrically charge his arms, which he then hits an enemy with. 
Toss & Spike - Acquired by bringing Zoah back to Viper Manor and having him open his secret chest. Zoah charges his fists with electricity, bumps the enemy into the air, and then spikes it down.

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