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An excellent game for what it is. . . which is not very good.

  Usually when you hear a game is like this game or that game, it's just a general way of categorizing the game and to give the listener a frame of reference to the type of game you'll be playing. This is the first time I played a game that really just felt completely like a copy of another game. This game is pretty much a freaking copy of Gears of War with different skins.

The Graphics Are Pretty For the B level game this is, the graphics look surprisingly nice. The game really looks like an unreal engine game, and while too many games are all starting to look the same, that doesn't necessarily mean that the game looks bad. It's got some graphics.
The Story Is Accidentally Fantastic Kinda like when you watch a movie and it's great because it's so damn funny and it's only funny because it's so bad. The story is pretty much, 50 Cent is playing a show in some middle eastern country, and he doesn't get paid. Instead, he receives a crystal skull. . . that promptly gets stolen. He then goes on a fucking killing spree trying to get his skull back. That's it. Just "hey, let's get my skull" and shoot shoot shoot.
Taunting in Gameplay There's a taunt button that you push to talk trash to the people you're killing. You can even buy upgraded taunts for 50 Cent so you can spew awesomer stuff as you murder everything.
The Lack of Polish In most games, not having the final layer of polish in a game might make it worse. . . in 50 Cent, it makes it that much more delicious. There's like, zero taking damage animation for 50 so if he's running somewhere, and he gets hit by some bullets, a grenade blast or a fucking rocket, he pretends nothing happened and keeps merrily running on his way w/out missing a step. When you kill someone, bricks of money fall out of them and then they fly over to you like lego pieces in one of those accursed lego games like magic. A lot of times the voice acting won't sych up to the lips, when you go into melee combat your guy goes teleporting all over the place and 50'll slide over to the correct position when you activate a context sensitive action. Fantastic.
Co-op Exists in this game Just that it's here is a bonus. When you play a game that's not really that great or that's just asking to be laughed at, it's always better to do it w/a friend. I think if it weren't for the co-op, there's prolly no way in hell I'd actually have finished this game. Then again, maybe I would have. Playing this game alone would prolly be most comparable to watching a very interesting screen saver. It takes no thought but it's still sort of fun.
Sometimes People Catch on Fire When you Shoot Them It's like, what seems like randomly, people will just light up on fire when you shoot them. Sure, maybe I'm just not paying attention to the game mechanics, but there's nothing to really pay attention to. Also, sometimes when you go into melee combat, it'll be all stylized and cool looking. Again, to me, it's a totally random occurrence.

The Whole Damn Game The entire game isn't bad, but it's just not that great. Everything seems to be done by a bunch of people who aren't exactly lazy and untalented but definitely not by anyone w/ambition or a want to make this game awesome. This game should really be like $20 bucks and it'd be great. This game is pretty much my new definition of average game.
The Shooting and Combat Pretty standard stuff. You run, you shoot, you switch weapons, you shoot some more, you reload. There's nothing really special about anything but because the premise is so ridiculous and since the game is easy and you can just make fun of it the whole time you're playing, it doesn't really ever get painful.

Wtf Is Wrong With The Lead Chick?! She looks like a goddamn monster. Seriously, she doesn't look like she's supposed to be the main characters love interest. How could anyone at any level of this game's development have been like "yea, that looks good, keep it". Oh god it's awful and it actually lessens the awesomeness of 50 cent to think he'd be interested at all in such a weird ass looking chick.
Every Boss Fight is the Same 50 Cent, fucking hates helicopters. Every boss in this game is a helicopter, and there's nothing to differentiate any of them from each other. I'd put money on it that they all look exactly the same and all move exactly the same. The last boss fight in the game, is exactly as hard as the first boss in the game.
There is Absolutely No Difficulty Curve Most games get harder as you get further into them. Either that or they're about a constant level of difficulty because while the enemies get stronger, your in game character is also learning new moves. In this game, everything is the same, the WHOLE time. Things never get harder or easier. As far as I can tell, even the new weapons are just a skin change on the basic one's you've already got.

There's just so much bad about this game yet it's still fun to just play through. The entire game took around 3 or 4 2 hour sessions to beat so it's pretty dang short. The story is just absurd but I enjoyed watching the cutscenes anyway. Man, if I were 50 Cent, I'd be so goddamn proud of this thing. Anyway, this game deserves a score of exactly 2/5.


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