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    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Feb 24, 2009

    Join 50 Cent and the G-Unit as they swear, ramp and rocket-launch their way around an unnamed Middle Eastern country in order to find out the answer to one specific question: "Where my skull?"

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    Just Ridiculous and Fun 0

    50 Cent has made a reputation of being shot 9 times and surviving. Don't believe me, just ask him. But putting all those thoughts aside, he has made millions in marketing himself and his Vitamin Water. (In stores now)Vitamin Water: In Stores now!!!You Play as 50 cent, and you are pissed. After playing your concert in an Unknown Middle East Country... Probably the same one that Call of Duty 4 takes place, who knows. You realize you did not get paid. Oh those crazy concert promoters dont know who ...

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    Fuck this fuckin' shit 0

    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is the quintessential middle-of-the-road game. On one end, the gameplay is serviceable but relatively uninteresting. On the other end, the action and dialogue are incredibly over-the-top and hilarious, providing many entertaining moments. The result falls in the middle of these two extremes, making Blood on the Sand a game that's surprisingly hard to recommend one way or the other.50 Cent: Blood on the Sand's gameplay is very similar to other cover based shooters such ...

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    A hilarious over the top game 0

    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is ridicules, and very often is a hilarious mess of stereotypes and parodies of modern action games like Gears of War. The story is mostly nonsense, after performing concert in an unnamed middle eastern country, 50 and his G-Unit crew (comprised of Dj Who Kid, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks) got stiffed of their payment, but instead was given a diamond encrusted skull that’s later stolen by a high powered gang of mercenaries. The story is silly. “That muthafucking bitch sto...

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    50 Cent: Blood in the Sand... Yep! 0

    Alright, so i was at my local none-Gamestop video game store the other day, picking up the PC version of the GTA 3 trilogy. Through a strange confluence of events, ended up leaving with a copy of 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand, for which i payed 30 dollars for. The game has kind of intrigued me since it's release, because, well, it apparently isn't terrible. which is shocking. after a hilarious Giantbomb seal of... sort of approval? i became increasingly curious, and decided what better way to cel...

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    Well made, frequently amusing and fun third-person shooter 1

    Blood on the Sand’s shallow but fast-paced, compelling gameplay, coupled with an excellent all-round presentation, makes it a solid, entertaining third-person shooter. However, what allows Blood on the Sand to most stand out is its insanely over-the-top, ludicrous action set-pieces, its characters, plot and dialogue, and because of all these elements, Blood on the Sand, inadvertently, becomes a tribute to and parody of itself, its genre and violent video games in general. Usually I don’t go in...

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    Surprisingly good 0

    Okay folks, before we get started I ask that you disregard everything you know about the previous 50 Cent game, 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Blood on the Sand is not a bad game. It’s no Call of Duty, but it warrants itself enough to be a surprisingly good third-person shooter. There’s no doubt from the title that you will be playing as the tough ‘bulletproof’ rapper 50 Cent once again. 50’s adventures takes him to the , in an unnamed country ruled by, get this, gangsters. The Middle Eastern type anyw...

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    Now this is what I want from a 50 Cent game. 1

    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is of course the follow-up to what most people consider a game that is pretty much utter garbage, 50 Cent: Bulletproof. And Blood on the Sand pretty much improves on everything. Not just is the shooting fun and frantic it also has a story that is not “epic” or what-have-you but it’s actually a fun over-the-top story that I enjoyed. It’s pretty simple, 50 Cent does a USO concert and needs his pay, the guy don’t have the money so he pays him with this Crystal Skull but t...

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    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand...I played it, I beat it...I...I liked 0

    Let me just start off by saying that 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is not a great game. It is not a game you should run out and buy for the shamefully high price of $60. It is also not a game you should buy for the more reasonable, yet still too high, $30. However, it is a big dumb thrill ride that is a hell of a lot more fun than I would like to admit. If you had to describe 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand in comparison to another game, and you easily could, they would be Gears of War, Army of Two, an...

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    I've got a lot of living, to do before I die 0

      Is there really anything too self-serving about 50 Cent making an action game starring himself, in the role of himself? Is this any different than any given game designer fulfilling his own macho fantasies through the likes of their bodybuilder protagonist? Marcus Fenix, Kratos, Master Chief and especially Riddick, these are all some scrawny programmer or programmers’ living vicariously through their main character single-handedly gunning down armies of aliens with their phallic weapons of cho...

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    Surprisingly fun, but it's not worth your $60 0

    The idea of a 50 Cent game is certainly cringe-worthy for most, especially those who aren’t fans of his music, and rightfully so. With 2005’s Bulletproof proving to be sub-par at best, Blood on the Sand didn’t exactly have very big shoes to fill, nor did many care about the title in the first place. Surprisingly though, BotS comes though in a number of unexpected ways and the game isn’t entirely broken.BotS starts with 50 and the rest of G-Unit finishing a concert in an unnamed Middle Eastern ci...

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    50! 0

     Had a free rental and decided on this one. This is one of the stupidest, ridiculous, over the top, disgraceful, dumb games ever made...that said, it was the most fun I've ever had playing a game at the time.  Play the story with a friend. You will have tons of fun....

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    A soundtrack with a game attached 0

    If you like to hear 50s songs over and over again please buy this game. If you are like me and just want to play a game to have fun this is not the one. I hate getting out of my car and having a bad song stuck in my head and this game did it. The first 50 cent game sold well because of his name but now his name is not as strong. That is where the game comes in or leaves. If you want to play a bad third person shooter with 50 cent songs for cheap just buy The Club and play your custom soundtrack...

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    50 Does It Right! 0

    50 Cent: Blood On The Sand is your basic third person shooter with a few interesting elements added to it.StoryIn 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand you play as ,guess who, 50 Cent. You also have a side kick from the G-Unit crew, consisting of Tony Yayo, Loyd Banks, and DJ Whoo Kid that serve as our co-op partner in the game. The story starts off as fifty is finishing a benefit concert in a nameless middle eastern nation. He then goes to collect his money when he figures out that the dude doesn't have i...

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    Way, way, way too short. But it's a fun ride while it lasts. 0

    Pros The games over the top nature makes it easy to get into whether you're a 50 Cent fan or not.If you ARE a 50 Cent fan theres unlockable music videos and such which you'll probably enjoy.Ragdolls seem virtually weightless so the way they fly back when you shoot them is amusing and satisfying.Cuss button, heh. Cons The game is pitifully short. I finished it in just under five hours on normal difficulty and I'm not that great at shooters, honestly.Vehicle sections aren't that good.Helicoptor...

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    Over the top and unoriginal but worth experiencing. 0

    50 Cent: Blood on the Cent is a game that I'd 0NEVER thought I would buy at any price. Just having something that has 50 Cent branding on it within my home would receive worried looks from family and desertion from my friends. As the game came out I saw it was getting more favorable reviews when compared to 50 Cent's first shot at video games '50 Cent: Bulletproof".  Also seeing the comments on the story and dialogue from here on Giant Bomb and other outlets I decided that I should find out for ...

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    Good game, but try before you buy 0

    This review was originally written on my blog. Awhile back I played and reviewed (somewhere else – I can’t find the precise review) 50 Cent: Bulletproof. The game was the first game featuring rapper 50 Cent. It wasn’t a good game, but it wasn’t absolute crap either. It was just incredibly mediocre. However, it sold incredibly well. So, I wasn’t surprised when the game got a sequel, but I wasn’t particularly expecting quality in any form, so I just ignored the game. However, then I started hearin...

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    50 Cent Blood of the Sand not too bad 0

    My latest rental and probably one of the shortest games recently is 50 Cent Blood in the sand. Total of 9 chapters, 7 taking up about a hour each and a couple vehicle levels which blow by pretty quick. (I read somewhere he was shot 9 times and that is why there are 9 chapters, really?) Anyway, I always heard that the original one Bulletproof was one of the worst games out there but most reviews I saw said this sequel was a fairly fun game.I have to agree this was a fun game and it looked pretty ...

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    Yo Fifty, this game is good?! Save Point Review 0

    Uno se acerca a un juego basado en las fantasías de masturbadoras de una estrella de hip hop con las menores expectativas posibles . Por supuesto me refiero a que 50 asesina media población del oriente medio junto a su G-unit (su pandilla, no ese lugar mitológico de la mujer). Los creadores de 50C:BotS escogieron sabiamente plagiar a Gears of War para hacer un juego muy divertido y adictivo. La grandeza de este juego llega en que lo disfrutas de la misma manera en que ves una película mala. Tu...

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    50 Cent fails so hard its not bad 0

    After Bulletproof it seemed that as long as you pandered to the right crowd hard enough it doesn't matter how bad the game is. Only problem is people can and will catch on quick to how bad something is, which leaves the bad taste of Bulletproof all over 50 Cent's new game, Blood on the Sand. I can envision 50 Cent sitting down in a room describing the best game ever, running around killing random goons with guns in what he must consider the most gangster place on earth. Along with him would be a...

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    An excellent game for what it is. . . which is not very good. 0

      Usually when you hear a game is like this game or that game, it's just a general way of categorizing the game and to give the listener a frame of reference to the type of game you'll be playing. This is the first time I played a game that really just felt completely like a copy of another game. This game is pretty much a freaking copy of Gears of War with different skins.+'sThe Graphics Are Pretty For the B level game this is, the graphics look surprisingly nice. The game really looks l...

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    50 Cent: Blood On The Sand is actually good. 0

     So yeah, yeah. I know. A video game about 50 Cent in the middle east sounds like a recipe for disaster and it should be. I'm here to say, this game is actually pretty fun. First and foremost, I'm no fan of 50 cent. I'd heard back in the spring, that this game was surprisingly good. There was no way I would spend $50 or $60 to find out. So when I found it for $5 in the Target clearance bin, I decided to give it a shot... So the game takes place in some fictitious middle eastern country (rese...

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    50 Cent BOTS 0

     Im finding writing a review of 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand exceedingly difficult. On one hand this game isthe very definition of mediocre. The level design is repetitive, the graphics are nearly as bad as a launchtitle for the 360 and the character models and vehicle models are atrocious.Yet for some reason I love this game, there’s this secret sauce in this games mix that leaves me enjoyingit immensely. There’s a sense of self awareness that permeates this title that allows it to get awaywith t...

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    I liked it 0

    Good points: Great musicGood atmosphereBanter between the characters is hilarious and fabulous!Purchasing new guns is very satisfying as the purchased guns always feel more powerfulTactical combat (no endless enemy spawn closets)Bad Points: Story is disposableEnemies all seem the same after playing for a few hoursVery linear path feels less like exploring and more like you're walking down the road and picking up stuff that the game designers left for youThis game isn't really my style; I'm not n...

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    How Was This Good? 0

     OK, Bulletproof was shit. 50 Cent is a shit rapper. Nobody really gives a shit about G-Unit. There, all of the reality is out of the way, because we're going to discuss the new 50 Cent game, one of the most absurd storylines attached to one of the most fun action games in a while.You are, of course, 50 Cent and you completed a concert in a random Middle Eastern country and you were paid...with a crystal skull. Yes, a crystal skull.Well your skull quickly gets stolen and it's up to you an...

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    OutOfBounds9000 reviews,50 Cent Blood on the sand. 0

    When i first saw the package,i thought,this game looks kinda like a game like GTA,sweet!But no,this game is not like GTA at all.I started the game and well,it went well in the beginning,well first when you pick New Game,you can pick of 3 sidekicks:DJ Whoo-Kid,Lloyd Banks,and Tony Yayo.But those sidekicks seem not to do anything for you.I started the game and well,all the sidekicks did was stand on my shoulders so they can come up to high places,and help you open gates.not much else.They are usel...

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    Where's my skull? 0

    When first hearing about this game I thought there would be NO chance I would be buying this or even renting it (i'm not a big renter) as I am not really a fan of 50 Cent and what I saw and read of the last game was all bad. Even though I like to think that reviews don't influence what I buy and that I just read/watch them for pure informational purposes and to get my fix of Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinnie, when watching Jeff's review of this game I literally was crying with laughter and desided I m...

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    Co-op fun to be had 0

    It's been said before, but a 50 Cent game doesn't have any reason to be this good.  Not that's it great, but you could do much worse in the action-shooter genre on the 360.    Take a serviceable 3rd person shooter, add gratuitous amounts of G-Unit style, and tack on a combo scoring system.  The result is a silly romp with big guns, big rides and bigass ramps that is worth the 6-8 hours you'll spend with it.  The time spent with this game is worth much more if you play co-op with a friend online....

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    50 Cent - Blood on the Sand - Review 0

    50 Cent - Blood on the Sand is a surprisingly good game. Yes I know I can’t believe it either. In all honesty we were not expecting big things from this game as 50’s previous game was terrible. So terrible that I’m not even going to mention the title of it. All you need to know is that 50 is back with an action shooter that is fun on many levels. The game starts off with 50 performing a concert somewhere in the . After the show 50 goes to collect his cash however the promoter doesn’t have the ...

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