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I liked it

Good points: 

  • Great music
  • Good atmosphere
  • Banter between the characters is hilarious and fabulous!
  • Purchasing new guns is very satisfying as the purchased guns always feel more powerful
  • Tactical combat (no endless enemy spawn closets)
Bad Points: 
  • Story is disposable
  • Enemies all seem the same after playing for a few hours
  • Very linear path feels less like exploring and more like you're walking down the road and picking up stuff that the game designers left for you
This game isn't really my style; I'm not nuts about shooters, or 50 Cent. But this game is totally worth playing. I'd recommend it to any (mature) gamer. You'll be killing fools and bobbing your head to the awesome music for hours. And, if you really get into it, there's plenty of things to unlock and collect on replay.  Unfortunately, I didn't get that into it.  
It was fun. It was totally worth finishing. But I don't think I'll ever play it again. Maybe I'll just buy some songs from the game.

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