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Simplicity begets complexity 0

Anitchamber's aesthetics are just as engaging as they are simple. The way you are forced to change how you think about every puzzle keeps this game entertaining. The "new and clever" feeling from early on in the game makes the middle section drag a little, but the ending makes the journey feel complete....

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A Metroid-vania, 4 dimensional puzzler that sounds great on the surface, but ends up just leading to subpar experience. 0

I had high hopes going into this game, and still believe it is a game that most people should try, just for the sheer insanity of it. I really liked a lot of the early puzzles where they were based on thinking on your feet and observing the world around you. However, a puzzle game would be remiss if it didn't add some new twist as the game progressed to keep the mechanics interesting. This extension comes in the form of a gun, that lets you collect and place blocks in the environment. And early ...

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This thing does things to your brain. 0

(Originally posted on on February 14th, 2013: Link)Antichamber Launch TrailerNever have I shouted so many mental obscenities while playing a game that was working the way it was supposed to. Maybe I’m just upset at myself that it took me 13 hours to finish Alexander Bruce’s indie masterpiece, Antichamber. Regardless, I could argue that it has the best level design of any game, ever…like of all time. Really, it is THAT amazing.Antichamber transcends conventions both in the way it ca...

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What Could Be Considered the Most Revolutionary Puzzle Game Ever 0

Every once in a while you have an experience that you can say is truly mind bending. Like the first time you watched Momento. Then every once in a very great while you have an experience that changes the way you perceive the world. One of the first times this happened for me was when I learned about<a href="">Schrodingers Cat.</a>The aesthetic is fairly beautiful all the time.That and just about anything else that I have studied on <a href...

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A brain-buster for sometimes the wrong reasons, this puzzler is still worth your time. 0

A game like Antichamber should not be played by people like myself; games that have puzzles that go beyond merely logic, reasoning, memorization or problem solving and into the realm of beating your head against it until a solution reveals itself do not sit entirely well with me. This is more an issue with myself than those types of games for sure, but while Antichamber does take a couple of cues from Portal, this title is a drastically different experience that, while at times went way over my...

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Dean Cleans Off His Steam List - Antichamber 0

When last I had time away from work, I spent a few hours with an overly artsy game that dropped me in the middle of nowhere and gave me no more to do than walk around and look at things. I've now been dropped into a game in a stark, no-intro-necessary, black-and-white, sciency tech lab where the walls aren't painted and nothing makes any noise. The screenshots on the game's storepage look like something out of a tech demo. I was begging to hope that there would be a game inside this one somewher...

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One of the best puzzle games I've ever experienced 0

I walked past a man in a pink suit several times at PAX East. Every time I had walked by, I noticed there was always something really bizarre happening on the screen behind him. Hallways changing, perspectives shifting, turning around and moving into a room you weren't in before - it was impressive, but a little daunting. I never played the game for fear of being "too dumb," but found myself watching it many times.When I found out the game was released on Steam, I decided to give it a whirl. I ...

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Bewilderment... and then Indifference 0

Antichamber is a very unique experience. It's designed from the get-go to completely decimate your expectations, and it succeeds at that in more than one way. Your preconceptions of space (or what the definition of the word "room" is,) can get you into a lot of trouble in this game. You may find yourself in three different areas before you complete a full 360º turn. Additionally, walls, floors, and ceilings may dissolve to show you the true nature of things, or a furious atom may get incredibly ...

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Antichamber Review 0

Antichamber is easy to dismiss as a Portal clone at first glance; it is a first person puzzle game wherein you move from chamber to chamber, equipped with a puzzle “gun” which interacts with your environment. But while Portal deals mostly in learning the rules of its mechanics and then adding complexity to those mechanics, Antichamber is a game which aims to subvert your expectations about how a puzzle should fundamentally work. It makes you question the unspoken rules that video gam...

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Brain-Busting Fun 2

Alexander Bruce's Antichamber is, quite possibly, the best puzzle game since the original Portal (I set aside Portal 2 because its a sequel and, frankly, in an entirely different league thanks to the wonderful story). Not since that blindside surprise has a game drawn my attention and gotten me hooked on its puzzling. But while Portal could be tricky, I never had to work as hard as I have to solve Antichamber's devious rooms. It's longer, too, not just because it's more difficult. Whether all of...

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A high-concept puzzle game unable to express itself clearly. 0

Right up front I will be honest and admit that I did not finish this game, so I understand if that's an issue and if you'd prefer to ignore this review. The reason I didn't finish the game is because it is incredibly confusing. I've played and completed difficult puzzle games before, The Witness being one of my favourites in recent times, and the big difference between something like The Witness and Antichamber is that The Witness was able to express its puzzles in subtle but detailed ways. Anti...

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Worth Seeing, Worth Playing, But Not Great 0

Antichamber is not a game, it's an experimental fever dream where you just stumble from puzzle to puzzle. Or at first that's how it feels because of the mindfuckish nature of the game. You can't trust anything, not doors, walls, or the steps you're taking. Since everything around you is constantly changing you're left there wondering if you really are moving in the enviroment or is it the environment that is moving around you and while at it, breaking laws of physics like they aren't even suppos...

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