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Kenny Omega & Xavier Woods' Top 10 Games of 2019

No matter what may stand between these two warriors of the squared circle, their love of video games will always bind them together.

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Austin Creed, AKA Xavier Woods, is one third of the seven-time championship winning tag team The New Day. When he's not touring the globe wrestling for thousands of fans, he's also the host of the video game YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. You can find him on Twitter @XavierWoodsPHD.

Kenny Omega is the current AAA Mega Champion, and one of the founding members of All Elite Wrestling, which made its debut in 2019. He's @KennyOmegaManX on Twitter.

Austin: Puddles of sweat filled the room. The stench was thick. The air smelled of hard work, determination, and something not unlike Burger King Whoppers. The temperature was high, and the man inside this room was dripping with perspiration. Even though his Achilles was torn, he worked knowing that it was almost time again, and he had to be ready regardless of injury. It was in that moment he began to circulate his arms in an almost ceremonial manner. His hair and offseason body began to change, while in front of him a portal began to open...

Across the world his opponent sat drinking from a shaker cup on a beach, surrounded by beautiful women from around the globe. One of the women pretended to laugh at a joke just to appease his insurmountable ego. Omega laughed boisterously at his own joke, because he really thought it was THAT funny. With a look of concern, the woman then asks Omega, “Is it time? Needn't you prepare for what's to come?!" Omega replied, “Spare me the formalities, grape peeler, Creed is a broken man. Achilles Heel?! Hah, I say! But we shan't be surprised, fair maiden, as I've always been Creed's Achilles Heel, haven't I???... Get it???" With a wry smile, Kenny looked more than pleased with himself, and the woman, right on cue, laughs again, albeit with a greater level of awkward strain that anyone other than Kenny would easily pick up on.

In that instance, everyone on the beach was knocked backward by what could only be described as a sonic boom. When the cloud of dust dissipated, and the people on the beach began to stir, a portal sat in front of them, and in front of that portal stood Austin Creed. He stood, on both feet, his hair looking as if it were on fire, and the man honestly was just extremely vascular, I mean he looked great, muscles all bulging, greased up, beard was crispy, just--

Kenny: You DO understand that most people's lists are just lists, right?! We gotta get to the point eventually, man!

A: Right right, OK. Austin Creed stood pointing at Omega while everyone else began to frantically flee in fear. Omega stood up and walked towards...

K: Okay my turn! As Kenny walked, he looked like he had a physique straight outta the X-Men cartoon from the 90's. Zero weak points, shredded, noticeable bulge in the speedo, and definitely better looking than Creed. Not to mention he wasn’t even training for this event! But even though--

A: I thought we agreed to get to the point?! If you’re gonna take over narration, then try to at least make it realistic.

K: Don’t you eat pizza covered in BBQ sauce and ice cream with chips in it? Regularly?!?

A: Yeah I do, and I still look this good. So, moving on now...

Kenneth walked towards the portal, both men’s muscles rippling. Creed, without turning his back or taking his eyes off Omega, backed into the portal. As both men passed through, they found themselves in what seemed to be a desolate dark and rundown city. They looked each other in the eyes, and squared up. With their fists clenched...

K: So, I see your little boo-boo healed up quick.

A: Nah I’ve still got a ways to go before I'm fully healed, but this is fantasy, so I’m just writing that I’m healed for now.

K: Since when did you do your own writing...? Anyway, you ready?

A: Well I actually used to write fan fiction on my livejournal...

K: ARE. YOU. Ready?!?

A: Ready!

As the men circled each other, they both heard a sound in the distance. Almost like a stampede. Then, all of a sudden, they were encircled by people in cheap, horrible ninja costumes.

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K: I guess we should pulverize these guys?

A: Totally. But, wait wait wait. Rundown city with cars and trash everywhere, horribly dressed ninja bad guys... Are we on WMAC Masters?!?

K: Oh my god, we are!

A: I’ve been waiting for this all my life! We have to work together to get past this part!

K: So...oh boy...ugh... OK, truce?

A: For now...

As the two men pressed back-to-back, fighting stances readied, Austin looked to Kenny...

A: You wanna say it?

K: No, you can say it, it’s OK.

The garbage ninjas began to close in...

A: Let's both say it

K: Fine...

As the ninjas came within kicking range, Kenny and Austin threw stereo super kicks, which tore the heads off of two ninjas, created dueling 10-foot geysers of blood, and scared at least 30 more of them to literal instant death, while Kenny and Austin screamed the words we've all been dying to hear...

A & K: These are our top 10 games of the year!

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Honorable Mentions

A: Super Mario Maker 2 really caught me this year. Once I finally took the time to understand level building a little bit, I started to have an absolute blast with it. The crazy impossible levels that people posted on Twitter actually made me wanna play it a lot more than I initially wanted to, so hats off to those sadistic humans.

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K: Though the 8-bit version of Bloodstained made my actual top 10 last year, the competed SOTN-styled Ritual of the Night came up a bit short. It had a lot going for it and I still completed the map, but wasn't quite as memorable of an experience as I'd hoped.

Austin's 10. The Division 2

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This was a great sequel. I feel like many times, just like with movies, sequels are harder because of certain expectations people have from the first game. But The Division 2 did not disappoint in the slightest. From the way it played to the way it looked, it ticked most of the boxes for things I want in a game. Not all multiplayer games are actually fun when playing with other people, but playing this with friends definitely enhances the overall experience.

Kenny's 10. Sega Genesis Mini

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Normally I make a rule to ban these types of things from top 10 lists, but I'm making an exception since so many of these titles were brand new to me. Yes, I've played Street of Rage 2 and Gunstar Heroes multiple times and loved them, but I'm including this bad boy for titles like Landstalker, Shining Force, Phantasy Star IV, and Castlevania: Bloodlines. Expect to see the PC Engine Mini on the list next year too!

Austin's 9. Need for Speed Heat

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Alright, so in the interest of full honesty, I have to admit I haven’t finished this game yet. But I’m loving every second of it. I’m a huge Need for Speed fan--shout out to NFS Underground--so I’ve been waiting a hot minute for this game. Y'all know music is key for me. This soundtrack is spot on. Even if you’re not into the specific music, this game is scored damn near perfectly for what you’re doing in it. Being able to unlock, buy, and customize your cars, and then race in these amazing looking environments just feels really good. Thats going to be a lot of this list, by the way--how the games this year made me feel. 2019 was real emotional for me, y’all.

Kenny's 9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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I've seen this title atop many lists, and I definitely understand the reasons why. Beautiful environments, a deep fighting system that properly rewards timed parries, challenging bosses (understatement of the year)... it has a lot going for it. But when recalling my experiences with the game, the frustration of feeling terribly underpowered and losing a 15 minute battle to one enemy flurry is the first memory that comes to mind. Right underneath that, however, was the undeniable feeling of satisfaction after finally defeating a boss, or better yet, the game. When I finally bested Isshin for the first time and achieved the good ending, I can't recall a time I popped off that hard--at least, not since maybe E3 2018... ;-)

Austin's 8. Killer Queen Black

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If you’re the kind of person who travels and looks for arcade bars in every city you go to, then you’ve probably seen Killer Queen machines popping up across the nation over the past few years. Killer Queen Black takes that 5v5 Killer Queen arcade format, condenses it to 4v4, and adds a few console specific things that greatly enhance the game. Overall, it’s a really fun game that’s easy to play and easy to rage with your friends over.

Kenny's 8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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They always get this game right. They always pack it to the brim full of content, and then continue to add even more. Not only are offline battles with friends fun, but the single-player story mode is great too, card collecting is extremely addicting, and CO-OP ONLINE! Yes, co-op online is still super fun to this day.

Austin's 7. The Outer Worlds

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Alright, so, I love games like this where I can just do whatever I want, which of course leads to horrible outcomes for everyone but me. I beat the game rather quickly, and then realized I beat it so fast because anyone who said anything cross to me got got. Literally anything. When I got to the end of the game, the end-crawl talked about the resolution to maybe three people's stories, and then I realized, oh.... I guess most of the other characters' resolutions were that they got GOT.

I used to be the guy who always said I’d play it twice: first as a nice guy, then as the bad guy. Now I know I'm just lying to myself. So many games come out every year, I can’t be replaying stuff unless it’s the best game ever--shout out Mario Kart: Double Dash. So forever a villain I shall be.

Kenny's 7. The Outer Worlds

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Every year this trend chaser copies something from my list, so I guess it was bound to happen again.

A: Trend chaser?!?! When was the last time that you did anything remotely trendy?

K: Aaaaaaaanyway... One thing I can guarantee is that he never played The Outer Worlds quite like I did. Much like Fallout 4 (which was one of my GOTYs from before I ever published lists), this game uses very familiar mechanics and also has many familiar environments. But the differences are there, the characters memorable, and the overall experience unforgettable. A can't miss for 2019.

Austin's 6. Borderlands 3

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It’s Borderlands 3. Borderlands is incredible. We know this. They murdered it in the best way possible. And the fact that they dropped a free DLC for Borderlands 2 to bridge the gap in the story was icing on the cake. The script is hilarious, and even just fighting the minions is funny. There are very few games that make me honestly laugh like this one did, while at the same time making me feel like a badass traversing the universe.

K: Oh I can't believe this... Now I'm getting annoyed...

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Kenny's 6. *sigh* Borderlands 3

Yeah, what Creed said, but I'm gonna say what really sells the series for me (and has since the original), is co-op mode. If you've got a co-op mode and you're a bad ass game, it's almost a guaranteed top 10 slot for me.

Austin's 5. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

I’ve always been in a weird space with tactics RPGs. I could never get into Final Fantasy Tactics, yet somehow I could play Front Mission for hours. For whatever reason, Fire Emblem always gets me., and Three Houses was no different. The music in this game--especially the battle music--is so beyond perfect that I, uh, made some really good memories with it...

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K: Say what?!?

A: Anyway, Yellow Deer for life! Claude is 300 percent that dude. What a G. And I know that people on my Twitter were repping Bernadetta as the best girl but y’all have to understand that Dorothea is far superior. If you haven’t played it, then do it now! Get in the discussion!

Kenny's 5. Teppen

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This is a first for me, as I've never had a mobile game featured on one of my lists. This one is special though, and brought back a long dormant love for card games I haven't experienced since playing the physical Yu-Gi-Oh and all of the subsequent PS1 and PS2 releases. My Wesker is sick stuff, and I've gotta easily be the most skilled pro-wrestler on this thing right now. I couldn't possibly imagine any other wrestlers coming even close to my level...

Austin's 4. Apex Legends

When I first played this game I got it for the free on PS4, but I wasn’t really about it, 'cause I’m just trash at shooters and was kinda over the whole battle royale thing. But a few months later I tried playing it again on PC. Really tried to buckle down and get used to that keyboard-and-mouse flow, 'cause that’s never been me. But as it started to click a bit, I started doing better and having a ton of fun. Getting carried to victories became my favorite pastime.

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K: I heard you were once carried by a Ronin Bangalore that res'd your ass over and over just so you could witness my-- I mean his or her 14 kill game with 3K damage... Any truth to that?

A: No Comment, but it almost sounds like you'd do well in a tournament with stats that good. How did that Apex Tournament you played in go, btw...? Because I got a trophy, aaaaaand I didn’t get hit with any pancakes.

K: I took it easy on you because it already looked like you'd been plastered by a couple of pancakes... then I realized those were your nipples.


Kenny's 4. Luigi's Mansion 3

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for 3DS was one of my favorite games for that system, and that handheld had A LOT of awesome, powerhouse games. This game won me over from the opening cutscene. So much charm, Luigi is hilarious as usual, he has a good ghost puppy, and every floor implements something new, creative, and most importantly, FUN. Eventually it'd be cool if we could get a Secret of Evermore type thing with a second player controlling the dog, but alas, maybe next time. (For those that don't understand the reference, I just want a friend to control the dog. For those that do--respect.)

Austin's 3: Mortal Kombat 11

My Kano took a round off SonicFox.

Kenny's 3. Catherine: Full Body

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I missed the PS3 Catherine experience, and I'm almost thankful for it because it gave me the ability to investigate a brand new relationship (from my understanding). I played this game and honestly enjoyed every interaction and story element from every NPC. No lull points at all, and the puzzle solving section was as addicting as it was challenging. I'm pretty sure I got a not-so-great ending, but every chapter and every decision I made were discussed in-depth with the people around me who had played it or were playing at the same time as me. A completely unique, fun experience that leaves me wanting more from the... genre? I guess? Well, I want more of whatever it was!

Austin's 2. Gears 5

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Full disclosure: I did work for the Gears folks over E3 week, and have done some other sponsored things for them. This is not one of those things. I’ve been a fan of the Gears of War franchise since the first game. It’s to the point that I read the officially licensed, universe-expanding books (or, more accurately, listened to audiobooks). I recommend doing that too, if you’re a Gears fan. Legit, this is one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had with a game. I stated earlier that I’m not great with shooters. Especially when in close-quarters, gnashers just enrage me to no end. But even though that stuff drives me nuts, being able to leave the PvP behind when I got too heated really worked for me. Playing horde or escape mode with a crew of people was some of the most fun and rewarding gaming I experienced all year. Finishing horde and having double XP on WHILE I WAS BATISTA made me incredibly happy.

Kenny's 2. Apex Legends

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If this list were judged completely on hours put into a game, this would be #1 by far. I played this more than anything this year, and continue to squad up with my dude FearSymphony almost every night. Don't mess with me when I'm sniping, or have a prowler with select fire. Anything else: maybe mess with me because then you've got a chance...

Anyway, this is an incredible battle royale game that allows the player numerous speedy movement options, while balancing nearly all of its weapons very fairly. Some OP stuff slips through the cracks, but it never ruins the experience, and I keep coming back for more anytime I have an internet connection and PS4/PC.

Austin's 1. Teppen

Alright y’all, it’s finally happened. I feel like mobile games have been getting better and better in recent years, and they finally got me. I can't believe it, but it's true: my number one game of the year is a mobile game. But not just that--it’s a mobile card game y’all. AND IT'S INCREDIBLE.

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I love card games, and would frequent the card shop every weekend (outside of wrestling season) to watch my buddies play Magic. Then the DBZ card game dropped, and I was hooked. Then Raw Deal came out, and I was dead to rights. Since then I’ve wanted to jump into something that was fun and easy to dive into. Teppen is exactly that. It’s easy to understand, and has Capcom behind it, which means you get access to characters you already know and love. Again, this is not a sponsored testimonial. I legit love this game, and I’m down to beat the piss out of any and all comers who want these Chun-Li thighs to shield up and choke you out slow. Just don’t play Morrigan...

If you wanna play me, find me on Twitter and turn on your notifications in case I post a room code so you can come get this work. But I know some of you are scared (looking at you, Kenneth) and that’s OK. Not everyone grows out of being a coward. Some people just stay that way.

K: Scared? Oh jeez, scared of being bored to death playing against a green deck, maybe. That goes double for me, btw. I'll be online too, and I won't run the clock with stall tactics like Creed. I go for the jugular off the hop!

A: I mean... I'm literally just waiting on you to play this game. So finish up your list so you can get back to dodging me.

Kenny's 1. Resident Evil 2

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If you recall last year, yes, RE was at the top of that list as well. Yes, RE is my favorite series of all time perhaps, but no, I'm not judging this game based on some kind of previous bias. Both RE7 and RE2 are THAT good. Almost flawless masterpieces in storytelling and horror, if you're into that kinda thing. Creed, considering your background, I can see why a game heavy on storytelling doesn't track on your radar. BUT, that's okay, because thankfully there are many out there that helped make this timeless classic possible, and now we'll even be getting an RE3 Nemesis remake.

In case you're still on the fence, really give this one a thought. Dual stories, multiple characters, incredible atmosphere and sound design... but wait, there's more! Playing it twice nets you the true ending! Mr. X...! Oh, and the bonus content, much like in RE7, is great too! This is a true GOTY, and I can't wait for more info on RE3.


...And at that moment, they knocked out the last trash ninja. Lightning struck, and life bars appeared over the heroes' heads. They met eyes...

A: Do you remember what comes next in the show?

K: Dude, I’m from Canada. We didn’t have this show, I just popped when you said it earlier to be nice.

A: Don’t patronize me!!!

K: DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO... But um, actually, can you go ahead and tell me what’s next?


K: Now this is the part I was waiting for!

Kenny breaks open the bag of powder he'd been hiding in his pants, á la Chong Li, and as the white cloud enters the eyes of a prone and naïve Austin Creed...


Austin, screaming at the top of his lungs, fists clenched, closes his powder-caked eyes, and begins to calm himself...

A: It's a good thing I don't need my eyes to beat you, Kenny. Because I can smell your over-conditioned hair from a mile away...

The fight wasn't easy on either man. It was long, grueling, and full of deviousness, chicanery, and outright skullduggery. As we reach the dramatic conclusion of not only this fight, but of another powerful top 10 list, both men leap once more into the air, lunging toward each other, and an unknown outcome. Both bleeding, bruised, and exhausted; both knowing that this fight will never end...