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The Community Spotlight 2019.07.06

Billy Hargrove is here to ban anyone who runs or dunks in any of the Mario Maker 2 levels y'all have shared in this week's Spotlight.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host on this most wonderfully patriotic of days. With the community still buzzing about Super Mario Maker 2 and a few other releases, we appear to have staved off the proverbial "Summer Game Drought" at least for now. However, if you review the "recent releases" for the next three weeks, you'll find that the Summer Game Drought is not something one can avoid. It is inevitable. With that in mind, let's review the handful of site-related housekeeping items I have for you this week.

Giant Bomb Galleria

Giant Bomb Staff Paintings (By: @Mandrewgora)

Over on Twitter, Andrew Taam (aka Mandrewgora) painted these Giant Bomb staff portraits a few months ago but only recently made them available online. Use the link to thank them for their hard work, and don't forget to support artists however you can!

Community Activities


Super Mario Maker 2 Community Level Code Sharing Thread (By: @barnetronuk)

In case you may have missed it, here's a link to our official Giant Bomb community level code sharing thread! If you have a level to share, or are looking for new levels to play, this is the thread for you!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Friend Codes (By: @bigevil1987)

Calling all Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players! If you need friend, here's a link to our Giant Bomb community friends code sharing thread so you aren't alone in the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

Clips Of The Week

Initial GB Crime Crew (By: @jthomeslice)

I only have one video clip to share this week, but it's luckily worth every second! This week, JTHomeslice combined the silly nonsense of Intial D with the endless hilarity of Giant Bomb East's Crime Crew series and the result are AMAZING!

Tweets Of The Week

Best Of Blogs

Worst Cid in FF franchise history.
Worst Cid in FF franchise history.

Fighting Final Fantasy XII - Part 4: The Characters And Story Deserve A Better Game (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie returns to the world of Ivalice with a new 7,000+ word entry in their blog series about Final Fantasy XII. Give it a read and discover why they wished the story and characters had a "better game."

Metacritic Game Data Analysis (By: @phrosnite)

Giant Bomb user phrosnite applies some Five-Thirty-Eight simulations to Metacritic in a quest to identify trends with the gaming industry's biggest titles in the past few years. Give their blog a read and be amazed at their graphs and statistics!

Eleven Years Of Xbox - Part One - Grand Theft Auto IV (By: @danielkempster)

Giant Bomb user danielkempster starts their retrospective on their favorite Xbox memories with a look at Grand Theft Auto IV and the "dawn" of the modern-era of GTA games that appear to bringing Giant Bomb East endless memories.

Can you think of a game that is more of a
Can you think of a game that is more of a "cult-classic" than Mother 3?

Indie Game of the Week 127: Environmental Station Alpha +

Bucketlog June: Mother 3 + (By: @mento)

Mento's latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog looks at Environmental Station Alpha from Hempuli. Give it a read to discover why they enjoyed the indie Metroidvania. For the latest entry in their blog series about their gaming backlog, Mento looks at the cult-classic, Mother 3!

Being A Bastard, A Maker, And Everything In Between (By: @nateandrews)

nateandrews provides an exhaustive look at what they played the last month on their latest blog! Read all about their impressions of Void Bastards, Super Mario Maker 2, and other recent releases

Join The Discussion

Calling all Warframe players! Are butts still weird in Warframe?
Calling all Warframe players! Are butts still weird in Warframe?

Mid-Year Check Up: GOTY So Far? (By: @liquiddragon)

It's hard to imagine but we are more than halfway done with 2019! Speaking of which, are there any clear front runner for your 2019 GOTY?

Hottest Mess Waiting Room 2019 (By: @dudeglove)

Speaking of 2019 GOTY discussions, what do you think is the front-runner for Giant Bomb's "Hottest Mess" GOTY category? Review and debate the candidates you think have the best chance to take the dubious award.

Which Of These Games Are You Most Excited About From E3? (By: @liquiddragon)

E3 might be long done with but here's a poll and discussion thread pitting some of the less reported AAA games shown at the event. Vote and discuss your favorite pick from the list of games!

By far my leading candidate to take 2019's
By far my leading candidate to take 2019's "Hottest Mess." (image provided by dudeglove)

Warframe: TennoCon 2019 Updates & Announcements (By: @rapid)

Giant Bomb's Warframe community welcomes you to learn and discuss the news coming from TennoCon 2019! Do you have no idea what TennoCon may be? Well, still use the link to see what big changes are coming up for Warframe!

Stranger Things Season 3 Discussion Thread (By: @liquiddragon)

It might not be gaming related but it still worth checking out nonetheless. If you want to discuss the third season of Stranger Things on the Giant Bomb forums, here's a link to our official discussion thread!

Has Microsoft Done Enough The Past Few Years To Lead Again Next Generation? (By: @liquiddragon)

Here's our latest community poll and discussion thread: Has Microsoft done enough the past few years to lead again next generation? Vote and discuss the matter using the link above!

Huh, it appears this promotional image from Netflix has a typo.
Huh, it appears this promotional image from Netflix has a typo.

What Favorites Of Yours Are Tragically One-Of-A-Kind? (By: @howardian)

What are your favorite one-off games that you wish got a sequel or follow-up? Can you think of any games with interesting mechanics or gameplay no other games have improved upon or utilized?

What's Your Favorite Stephen King Book? (By: @liquiddragon)

Here's another non-gaming related forum topic that's still worth your time checking out. As the title suggests, members of the community are sharing and discussing their favorite books from Stephen King. If you have a pick, or are looking for book recommendations, give the thread a shot!

Lovable Lists

Yeah, if you see Mento on the forums, ask if he's doing well and eating enough.
Yeah, if you see Mento on the forums, ask if he's doing well and eating enough.

Trailer Blazer: E3 2019 (Part Three) (By: @mento)

The latest episode detailing Mento's quest to watch every E3 trailer on Giant Bomb is available for your viewing pleasure! In this episode, they tackle a bunch of remasters and re-releases!

Ranking The Main Nintendo Handhelds By Their Libraries (By: @guip1408)

guip1408 is back with another "scientific" ranking of platforms! This week, they rank every Nintendo handheld by the "quality" of their libraries. Give the list a view and think about making a list of your own if you disagree with the science.

Useful User Reviews

You can indeed pet the dog in Final Fantasy XV.
You can indeed pet the dog in Final Fantasy XV.
  • @bhlaab booted up the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV and uses their review to articulate why they found it to be a ROUGH experience through and through.
  • @guip1408 decided to replay the original Final Fantasy VII! Give their exhaustive review a read to find out why they still consider it a timeless classic.
  • @velutha gave btf and Headup Games' new adventure game, Trüberbrook, a shot. Read why they loved the aesthetic but hated the gameplay.