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The Community Spotlight 2021.04.17

The darkness is inescapable on this here website.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best user-generated efforts from the last week. For those of you that tuned in to the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run, a hearty thanks is in store for you! The charity effort nearly raised its lofty goal of $15,000! If you missed out on the fun, don't worry. You can still donate to the team page and to any team members! If you could, check out some of the streamers that did not reach their fundraising goals and help them get a little bit closer! The link to the team page are included in the site-related housekeeping. Beyond that, it was a relatively quiet week with new releases coming out in a trickle. Something tells me this year's "Summer Game Drought" will be especially brutal. Let's jump into the site-related housekeeping!



The Best of Giant Bomb's Steal My Shinshine | Episode 11 “It’s Easy” (By: Professor Willard)

Over on YouTube, Professor Willard shares that one of their favorite Giant Bomb videos is episode #11 of Steal My Shinshine. If you watch their compilation video of its best moments, it's easy to see why!


Celestrials (Nintendo Switch Warframe Clan) Is Recruiting! (By: @philosyfee)

More Warframe is never a bad thing.
More Warframe is never a bad thing.

Due to popular demand, we know have a community Warframe Clan for the Nintendo Switch version of the game! Learn all about how you can join the online group using the link below!

Star Trek: Legends Community Alliance (By: @bigevil1987)

Are there any community members that have checked out Star Trek: Legends on Apple Arcade? If so, here's a link to the community-run alliance in the game! Give it a click to hook up with other GB members!

Monster Hunter Rise Friend Code Sharing Thread (By: @zurv)

How many of y'all are playing Monster Hunter Rise on Switch? If you are, here's a link to the community friend code sharing thread! Post your Friend Code to hook up with other GB members in the game!


You Can Never Go Happy Home in Robloxia Again, or, Revisiting Roblox After a Decade (By: @franzlska)

Some things are best left to your childhood nostalgia.
Some things are best left to your childhood nostalgia.

FRANZlSKA was a huge fan of Roblox in 2008 and talks about what it was like playing the game today, from the perspective of a former year-one supporter on the site.

Demons, Gods, Stone Imps And Ghost Jerks (By: @purpleshyguy)

PurpleShyGuy was a fan of Doom Eternal when it first came out and provides a deep dive into Eternal’s expansion, The Ancient Gods, and all of the lore building it engages in while still providing the player with plenty of gory violence.

Weekly Update #24 - April 11, 2021 (By: @qreedence)

qreedence returns to blogging on Giant Bomb after a five-year hiatus. This week they talk about how World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla have been able to keep them busy for a while.

What's the Greatest Video Game: The Legend of Zelda (By: @imunbeatable80)

It sounds like its punishing difficulty isn't the only thing about The Ancient Gods worth talking about!
It sounds like its punishing difficulty isn't the only thing about The Ancient Gods worth talking about!

For their latest blog, user imunbeatable80 is going way back with a look at the original Legend of Zelda. Use the link below to see how they think the game stacks up to modern entries in the series.

Playstation Now, Marvel's Avengers, and the Allure (or Lack Thereof) of a Promising Future (By: @nodima)

Nodima uses Marvel's Avengers and PlayStation Now as case studies on the allure of a promising future keeping them invested in things they think they should stop subscribing to

Hunt: Showdown and Encouraging Design (By: @lapsariangiraff)

LapsarianGiraff looks at Hunt: Showdown and other games to ask the question if there is such a thing as playing a game wrong and how much onus is on developers to prevent this from happening.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Is A Technical Achievement, A Serviceable Uncharted Game, And A Terrible Showcase For The Vita +

I Liked AC IV: Black Flag, But I Wish It Was Not An Assassin's Creed Game +

Hot Take: Cyberpunk 2077 Was Not More Busted Than A Number Of Recent Games Like Watch Dogs: Legion And Outriders (By: @bigsocrates)

I still don't entirely understand what Hunt: Showdown is all about.
I still don't entirely understand what Hunt: Showdown is all about.

First, bigsocrates decided to go back to their PS Vita and gave Uncharted: Golden Abyss a shot. Read why they consider it a spectacular one and done handheld experience. Second, they finally got around to playing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and shares why it being an Assassin's Creed is his least favorite part of it. Finally, bigsocrates uses a variety of recent examples to discuss how the "outrage" surrounding Cyberpunk 2077's launch-day glitches and bugs ignores how other games have launched even worse.

Indie Game of the Week 215: Synergia + A Minor Primer: Sugoroku (By: @mento)

I Believe In Birdo
I Believe In Birdo

Moderator Mento uses their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog to discuss how Synergia showcases a credible attempt at a bite-sized Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell narrative with a number of caveats. More importantly, if you are in the mood for a video game/board game deep dive, check out their blog on the history of Sugoroku, a Japanese board game, in video games!

Discussion Threads

Resident Evil Village Timed Demos Discussion Thread (By: @bigsocrates)

I have to sometimes remind myself Hulu has anime worth watching.
I have to sometimes remind myself Hulu has anime worth watching.

Many have expressed how they are not fans of the timed nature of the recent demo for Resident Evil Village. If that includes you, feel free to join the community discussion using the link above!

Anyone Dust Off Homefront: The Revolution To Play Timesplitters? (By: @sahalarious)

So, news recently broke that you can use Homefront: The Revolution to play TimeSplitters. Have any of you checked out this hilarious Easter Egg? Is the game well emulated?

The World Ends With You Anime Discussion Thread (By: @tepidshark)

How many of you have given the anime adaptation of The World Ends With You a shot? The few that have have spoken highly of it thus far, but more impressions are never a bad thing on the forums!

What Game Boss Have You Never Been Able To Beat In A Fair Fight (By: @topcyclist)

Are people still horny for this character on the internet?
Are people still horny for this character on the internet?

Can you think of any video game bosses you can only beat via cheese tactics? Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat II is certainly up there but other solid community suggestions include Ozma in Final Fantasy IX and the Icon of Sin in Doom 2.

What Is A Video Game Thought You Know Is Probably Wrong But Refuse To Budge On? (By: @trh5001)

Do you have a video game idea or thought that you know you are on the "wrong side" of the debate? I really had to think about this one, but for me, I would have to say that Paradox Interactive AB ruined Stellaris with the MegaCorp expansion. Also, Fire Emblem: Awakening RUINED the Fire Emblem franchise.

What Are Your Favorite Shoot 'em Up Game Franchises/IPs? (By: @gtxforza)

Fuck Ozma.
Fuck Ozma.

As the title suggests, do you have a favorite shoot 'em Up game series or franchise? It is okay to pick or talk about a long dead IP, by the way. Popular community picks include TwinBee, Gradius, Xevious and R-Type.

What Is A Game You Just Keep Thinking About... (By: @finaldasa)

Here's a fun thread on the forums: what's the most recent game that got stuck in your head and you couldn't stop thinking about it. Here's my pick: the SNES version of Taz-Mania and if it is better than the Genesis version.

Do We Ever See A Nintendo Character In Fortnite? (By: @j_unit2008)

Here's a thought provoking poll on the forums: do you think we will ever see a Nintendo character skin in Fortnite? This seems like something they would veto in an instant, but what do I know? Here's where the community vote stands right now!

Returnal - Hostiles Trailer & Enemies Details Discussion Thread (By: @luminaryghost)


Returnal for the PS5 recently got a trailer showcasing its enemy designs and a bunch are talking about it on the forums! Whether you liked or hated the trailer, join the community discussion using the link above!

User Reviews

This sounds like a romp!
This sounds like a romp!
  • @doomocrat's Pokerstars VR review on Giant Bomb revels in the game's pure stupidity and shares why it is a clear-cut case of a game being more than the sum of its parts.
  • @greenmonstah's Dishonored review briefly shares why they think they have always struggled to finish the game and why they still don't know if it is a perfect execution of all of its ideas.