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The Community Spotlight 2021.07.03

Welcome to the No Geoff Zone.

The camo twins are back and they are going to be on Giant Bomb!
The camo twins are back and they are going to be on Giant Bomb!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best user-created works from the last week. Well, the first "generation" of new Giant Bomb shows have been revealed and some have even graced the site. Jeff Grubb's news in review show debuted and is available for everyone to watch and enjoy on the site. Danny is all set to debut two shows, and one of them will launch very soon. None of this is to say that these shows are all Giant Bomb has planned for the community. During July, keep an eye out for a new show from Tamoor Hussain, Lucy James, and Jeff Bakalar as well as a brand new series from Dan Ryckert and Jeff Bakalar. If this is all news to you, then check out this article by Rorie reviewing all of the shows that have been announced.. With that in mind, let's review some of this in more detail!

  • GrubbSnax Ep. 01: Dead Space, Kojima and Microsoft is on the site and available for everyone. Moving forward, the show will be a premium feature where subscribers access to ask Grubb whatever is on their minds about the games. There will be a compilation video on the site of the "best moments" from the feature which will be viewable by subscribers AND non-subscribers.
  • Danny and Tamoor will be teaming up on Borne to Run where Danny will by playing through the many Souls games as Tamoor coaches and teaches along the way. This will start on July 5th and will air a new episode every week.
  • On Monday July 26, Borne to Run will take a week off so that we can debut Guilty Treasures. This will be a monthly series where Danny interviews Giant Bomb staff about their favorite titles that "didn't quite make it."
  • Don't forget, Giant Bomb Premium is ON SALE for $35 until July 10th!



How I Chose My Two Giant Bomb Shows (By: Danny O'Dwyer)

If you want to see Danny talk about video production for eighteen minutes, then this is the video for you! But seriously, if you want to have a better understanding of why Danny decided on the two shows they went with on Giant Bomb, this is a great introspective video worth checking out.

Giant Bomb And GameSpot: Play For All Charity Finale (By: GameSpot)

Here's a link to the YouTube archive of GameSpot's Friday Play For All 2021 stream with Giant Bomb staff members! If you want to watch the archive on YouTube and are not a subscriber, this is the option for you!

Demon's Souls Review (Episode 3 - Part 4) (By: CitizenGameTUBE)

Why are Tamoor and Danny perfectly equipped to do a video series about the Souls games? Well, this YouTube video from 2010 has you answer.


Alternate GrubbSnax Logos (By: danauer)

Design lead Dan Auer made the current logo for GrubbSnax, however that did not stop them from working on some "alternate" designs for everyone to enjoy as they wait for the next episode. ENJOY!


Game Builder Garage Community Game IDs (By: @runehawke)

Are there any Giant Bomb users out there that want to share their Game Builder Garage community game IDs? Using this link you can share whatever creations you have made in the game with other Giant Bomb users!


I'm A Final Fantasy Pessimist But I Don't Get People Upset At Intergrade's Ending (SPOILER WARNING!) (By: @zombiepie)


Moderator ZombiePie takes to Giant Bomb to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and INTERmission and why long-time fans should stop complaining about its ending and embrace the upcoming onslaught of schlock.

Indie Game of the Week 226: Unavowed (By: @mento)

Mento has a new entry of their "Indie Game of the Week" series with an episode all about Unavowed from by Wadjet Eye Games. Read why they think this game is more than a love-letter to fans of their previous works!

You have to respect how
You have to respect how "on brand" everything Wadjet makes is nowadays.

What's the Greatest Video Game: Flower (By: @imunbeatable80)

Remember Flower from Thatgamecompany? Remember when everyone thought it would usher a new era of indie games? imunbeatable80 gave the game a re-play recently and discusses how well it holds up after all these years.

The Computer Chip Shortage Is A Great Demonstration Of Change (By: @monkeyking1969)

monkeyking1969 shares their pessimism on Giant Bomb that we will ever see the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S at reasonable stock until the computer chip shortage rights itself, which looks like it will not be happening any time soon.

Youtuber Matt McMuscles Produced A Beat 'Em Up. I Played It. It's A Decent Homage To The Classics+

Why It's Fun To Watch People Play Bad Games. Jeff's Da Stream Is My Favorite GB Video In Months. Bring On The Amico! (By: @bigsocrates)

This sure seems like a
This sure seems like a "fun time!"

bigsocrates played Youtuber Matt McMuscles' beat 'em up game, The Takeover, and discusses why it is a decent homage to classics in the genre. Read why they think it might be worth checking. Additionally, Jeff's coverage of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is the most entertained bigsocrates have been in a long while. Read why they enjoy watching people play bad video games

New Console, And Old Nostalgia (I Finally Got A PS5!!!) (By: @mooseymcman)

Good to hear some users are getting lucky finding PS5s.
Good to hear some users are getting lucky finding PS5s.

MooseyMcMan finally snagged a PlayStation 5 and shares with the community why they have been having a lot of fun with it rekindling their nostalgia with the PlayStation brand!

Graphic Updates In Season 7 Is The Pièce de Résistance For An Original CE Experience (By: @xanadu)

xanadu checked out the latest update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and pens why it now has the definitive version of Halo: Combat Evolved for long-time fans and newcomers.

Weekly Update #35 - June 26, 2021 (By: @qreedence)

qreedence got around to playing Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Slay the Spire last week and share why both game didn't really "work" for them.

My Top Five Anticipated Releases of July 2021 (By: @brg)

Another problematic game release from yesteryear finally
Another problematic game release from yesteryear finally "got there."

Some solid games are coming out during July and BRG is here to talk about the games they think are definitely on their radar.

Discussion Threads

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 - July 4-11 (By: @jeremyf)

Are you ready for some Summer-time speedrunning?!
Are you ready for some Summer-time speedrunning?!

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 is here! Are there any speedruns you are excited to watch this year? Also, feel free to share your thoughts about the event as it happens using the link!

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Announced (By: @reap3r160)

A Director's Cut has been announced for Ghost of Tsushima! Get the details of what is included in this version using the link above! Do you think this version presents enough content for people who have already played it?

Sony Buys Housemarque. Oh And Also Bluepoint Games! (By: @machofantastico)

What if movie reviews came back?
What if movie reviews came back?

The Giant Bomb community is buzzing about Sony buying Housemarque and Bluepoint Games on the forums. You can join the discussion using the link below and share if you think they were smart pick ups for Sony.

Nixxes Software Gets Acquired By Sony Interactive Entertainment (By: @gtxforza)

Speaking of Sony studio pick-ups, Nixxes Software BV has also been acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment! What do you make of the news? How do you think Square-Enix responds to losing one of their console-to-PC port studio partners?

Are you excited for Souls content to make its glorious return on Giant Bomb?
Are you excited for Souls content to make its glorious return on Giant Bomb?

Xbox Cloud on PC! (By: @newhaap)

If you have Game Pass Ultimate you can play their cloud games on PC. Are there any users that have tested this out? If so, have you noticed any bugs or issues with the service? Which games play perfectly? Share you experiences with the rest of the community!

A New Company Wants To Put "TV-Style" Ads In Your Video Games (By: @el_blarfo)

What's your reaction to the news of a tech company attempting to bring "TV-style" ads to console and PC video games? The current reaction from the community sure seems negative with most people saying "Fuck that!"

What Are Your Favorite End Credits In A Game? (By: @nuttism)

The nostalgia is palpable.
The nostalgia is palpable.

Here's a fun discussion thread on the forums: What are your favorite end credits in a game? The key word here is overall credits and not just end credit music. With that in mind, which games have had interactive or memorable credits that still stick out to you?


Trailer Blazer E3 2021 (Part Three) + Trailer Blazer E3 2021 (Part Four) (By: @mento)

If you have yet to check out Mento's E3 2021 list madness, you are really missing out!
If you have yet to check out Mento's E3 2021 list madness, you are really missing out!

THAT'S A WRAP! Mento caps off their effort to watch every single E3 2021 trailer on Giant Bomb with two comprehensive lists this week. Check out both and consider making a list of your own highlighting the E3 2021 demos that impressed you the most!

10 Favorite Games Ever (By: @skytylz)

Skytylz took up the daunting challenge of listing their top ten favorite games of all-time with their latest list on Giant Bomb. Use the link above to see which games managed to make the cut!

User Reviews

  • All hail Shovel Knight!
    All hail Shovel Knight!
    @yyninja picked up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove on Switch and writes on Giant Bomb why the package is still a great time plagued by a feeling of diminishing returns.