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    Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 18, 2002

    Bloody Roar: Primal Fury is a fighting game released by Eighting in 2002. It is an updated version of the PS2 game Bloody Roar 3. Players can control a number of characters which have the ability to morph into powerful animals, such as tigers and wolves.

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    Playable Characters

    Yugo the WolfThe most well balanced character. Strong, fast and agile. Has very strong beast drives while in beast Mode.
    Alice the RabbitIn human form, Alice is a relatively weak character with poor range. However, in beast form, she gains incredible strength and jumping ability which makes her difficult to hit.
    Gado the LionA very strong yet relatively slow character. Can normally take down a player quickly with strong punch and kick combos. Has the ability to transform into a lion.
    Long the TigerA relatively strong and quick character. Long has the ability too pull of very powerful combos which can easily take down an opponent. Has the ability to change into a tiger.
    Shina the LeopardThe strongest of all the female characters in both beast form and human form. However is relatively slow compared to them. Can change into a leopard.
    Jenny the BatVery fast and agile and relies on super fast combos. Has the ability to change into a bat which retains speed and agility but with increased strength.
    Busuzima the ChameleonA very slow character who relies on his ability to dodge attacks. In beast form he has the ability to turn invisible which gives him a massive advantage over other players.
    Stun the InsectVery slow yet relatively powerful. Has very strong throwing moves and can change into a insect.
    Bakuryu the MoleOne of the fastest characters in the game, although considerably weak out of beast form. Bakuryu has many abilities to avoid his opponent and in beast form he gains very strong strike moves and powerful beast drives.
    Shenlong the TigerAs a clone of Long he plays mostly the same and also changes into a Tiger.
    Uriko the Half BeastAs with Alice, she is relatively weak in human form. However, in beast form she is incredibly powerful.
    Xion the UnbornRelatively quick and strong character who relies on fast combos. Has the ability to turn into a strange 'unborn' beast.

    Unlockable Characters

    Cronos the Penguin/PhoenixA very strong character who suffers from a weak beast form. While in penguin form Cronos loses alot of speed and strength. However he also has the ability to transform into a extremely power phoenix of which he can only remain as for 15 seconds.
    Ganesha the ElephantA very strong yet very slow character who relies on very power throws. Can change into an elephant as his beast form.
    Kohryu the Iron MoleHas the same basic move structure as Bakuryu but has a more powerful beast form.
    Uranus the ChimeraThe character with the strongest beat form in the game. Also has very powerful moves in Human form.


    It has similarities to both Tekken in it's methodical pacing to fights and lengthy button combos that once connected, will not give chance to block and 3D arenas that can be broken to revels extra subarenas, but also takes lessons from Street Fighter in it's short and simple strings that can be merged into combos that can (and will, if placed correctly) devastate foes like Street Fighter.

    The game also has a beast mode which allows characters to transform into beasts and have a greater attack power and defensive power for a short amount of time. It is in these modes that super moves (two per character) are available for use. The beast mode is governed by a beast gauge that can fill completely twice; without the beast mode will not activate, thought the character will do the animation to transform regardless, with a single fill, the beast mode will activate and raise attack power and allow activation of super moves, super moves will usually decrease the opponent's life gauge by half but completely drain the beast gauge. Two full fills of the gauge turn it red and it will not charge furthr than this, it also allows free activation of "hyper beast" mode which constantly drains the gauge at a fast rate, but which allows unlimited uses of super moves until it depletes fully. Hyper Beast Mode is activated by pressing punch, kick and beast at the same time.


    Bloody roar recieved 7s to 8s in most publications, many commenting on how it seemed to have just been a decent port of Bloody Roar 3 with a few cosmetic upgrades.


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