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Bookworm Adventures is a word-based RPG developed by PopCap Games. The main character, Lex, goes on a journey to rescue the oracle, Cassandra. On each screen, he encounters an enemy that he must defeat. Each turn, the player must use the provided letters to spell a word. The strength of Lex's attack is based on the size of the word, the letters used, as well as additional bonuses.



Each letter is assigned to one of three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold - corresponding to the attack strength the letter carries. The less frequently a letter is used in English, the higher its strength and the more it contributes to the overall word. Words can be of any length (up to 16 - the number of letters provided), so using long words or words with less-frequent characters make for more powerful attacks.


The health of both Lex and his enemies is represented by a number of hearts shown under their name. The more hearts, the more attacks Lex or one of his enemies can absorb before dying. As the game progresses, Lex gains more hearts. But he must also face stronger enemies.


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