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    Brothers in Arms DS

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 08, 2007

    Brothers in Arms DS is a portable rendition of the popular WWII series Brothers in Arms.

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    Brothers in Arms DS is an action shooter developed by Gameloft S.A. and published by Ubisoft Entertainment for Nintendo DS.


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    One of the first World War II shooter on DS, Brothers in Arms is a third-person shooter set in WWII. Brothers in arms is full of Hollywood style movie sequences, like when panzer tanks busts through the wall of a church players are hiding out in.

    The controls are a combination of button and stylus, which have received mixed reviews due to their tendency to create sore hands after an extended period of time. To make up for the sometimes hard to deal with controls, an auto-aim system was added, although this also had mixed reviews. Unlike other Brothers in Arms titles, the DS version does not have squad based combat, but centers around a lone character wading through an army of Nazis.

    Missions in Brothers in Arms DS include many of the same types seen in previous WW2 shooters, such as setting charges on tanks, taking on waves of enemies upon a large machine gun, or piloting a jeep or a tank to get to objectives on the map. All objectives are conveyed through textbox messages clearly telling players what to do next, although the game is quite linear and pretty easy to figure out. The missions, however simplistic, are varied in all three campaigns. In Normandy players will find themselves driving jeeps and tanks through French villages, in Tunisia charges will be set and bunkers raided. In Ardennes waves of enemy troops must be held off Nazi soldiers need to be chased down.


    Brothers in Arms received mixed reviews. It received a 6.0 from Gamespot, an 8.0 on IGN, and a 72 at Metacritic.


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