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    Cabela's Big Game Hunter (2007)

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 07, 2007

    Cabela's Big Game Hunter is a 2007 release of the trophy hunter franchise.

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    Cabela's Big Game Hunter is a linear adventure game that puts the player in the boots of an aspiring collector of renowned big game trophy animals, named Jack. On his journey, Jack will travel the world's marquee hunting locations: East Africa’s countries Ethiopia and Zambia, Argentina’s Patagonia Region, British Columbia in Western Canada, Montana’s Beartooth Mountains and New Zealand.

    Each location Jack travel to, he will meet other hunters who will guide him to the most prominent animals in that region. However, Jack will have to successfully hunt other, less renowned game beforehand using an array of weapons and items, such as bird calls. After triumphantly killing the trophy animals, he will then have to get near them to snap a picture for proof.



    Jack's journey starts in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains, where he will be tasked to hunt some Elk and then take down his first legendary trophy animal, the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer. After taking a picture, a Grizzly Bear will charge him; these encounters are called rival hunts. After skillfully dodging its attacks, he will eventually take the rival Bear down.

    British Columbia

    Next up Jack will arrive in British Columbia, situated in Western Canada. Here he will hunt Dall Sheep and have his first mini-game, which consists of usually hunting very small animals or birds, in this case it’s Ducks. Afterwards he will hunt Moose and finally the Trophy Legend Yukon Moose.

    Montana (Part II)

    Returning to Montana Jack will be asked to hunt Mule Deer and then Pheasants in his second mini-game. His goals in this section are to hunt the Trophy Big Horn Sheep and secondly the Trophy Legend Rocky Mountain Elk. Before going after his second trophy, he will have a mini-game hunting Marmots.


    In Jack's first foray into South America’s Argentina, a guide will assign him to hunt half a dozen Gray Fox and then a couple of Water Buffalo. After doing so he will meet Sid Perez to hunt some Partridges in another mini-game. Now it’ll be time to go after Jack's much desired trophy, the Legendary Water Buffalo.


    Globe-trotting to Africa’s Ethiopia to meet Sam Geez who welcomes Jack with a mini-game to shoot African Blue Quails. Returning to Sam, he will ask him to hunt some Klipspringers and then give him the location of the Trophy Legend Greater Kudu in the region.

    Patagonia (Part II)

    A second visit to Patagonia gets underway with a couple of mini-games; some small beaver like small game called Vizcacha and then some Ducks again, however this time using a duck call to make them come out of hiding. Then Jack will hunt some Axis Deer along with a Trophy Legend Axis Deer. In another section of Patagonia will be more Water Buffalo to hunt, as well as Blackbuck Antelope. Jack's second rival animal is a quick and aggressive Cougar. After taking it down and he will be on his way back to Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia (Part II)

    Here Jack will receive a crossbow to take down some Dik-Dik and then encounter a Hartebeest Trophy Legend. After taking a picture of his prey Jack will meet Bekele who will say that he's ready to hunt Nyala with his crossbow. Before doing so Jack will enter a hunting blind to hunt 6 Spur Winged Goose in another mini-game. After finishing both tasks a rival Leopard will attack much like the Cougar.

    New Zealand

    Coming up to the last stretch of his journey, Jack will arrive in New Zealand. Beginning with a mini-game to hunt Weasels and then onto bigger game with Red Stags, eventually encountering a Trophy Legend Red Stag. Later on he will be asked to hunt Chamois and Fallow Deer. The second mini-game here is for Chukars and finally to take down a rival Wild Boar.


    Finally, Jack will travel to Zambia to have his last mini-game which requires him to hunt Yellow-Throated Sandgrouse. Bekele will return to guide him to Cape Buffalo, Waterbuck and a Trophy Legend Waterbuck. Lastly, after hunting Jackals, Jack will be attacked by a rival African Lion. A long and challenging duel will culminate in a satisfying end to the career of Jack.

    Cabela's Gun Library


    • .22-250 Bolt Rifle
    • .270 Bolt Rifle
    • .30-06 Semi-Auto Rifle
    • .338 Lever Rifle
    • .375 Bolt Rifle
    • .416 Bolt Rifle
    • .50 Muzzleloader Rifle


    • 20-Gauge Over/Under Shotgun
    • 12-Gauge Pump Shotgun
    • 12-Gauge Autoloader Shotgun


    • .357 Mag Semi-Auto Pistol
    • .500 Mag Revolver


    • Crossbow

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