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    The leader of Noble Team in Halo: Reach, Carter-259 aka Noble 1 is a Spartan-III. He, along with player controlled Noble 6, Kat-320, Jorge-052, Emile-239 and Jun-266 make up the rest of Noble Team comprised of both Spartan II's and III's.

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    CARTER - 259


    • (P)MOS: 180A
    • Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    • Location: CLASSIFIED
    • Gender: M
    • Birthplace: DURBAN, BIKO
    • Birth Date: 27/08/2520

    SERVICE #: S-259

    PERFORMANCE: Born leader; inspires confidence in those under his command. Cool under pressure. Has laser-like focus—even while maintaining flexibility/adaptability. Charismatic and reassuring; capable of interacting with non-Spartans effectively and efficiently (low/no stress issues).

    COMMENTS: Minor trust issues; not severe enough to warrant psychiatric reevaluation, but enough to be noted << stems from operator [S-293] under his command being KIA 22/04/2552. He attributes S-293’s death to his own “inadequate team preparation”—not to enemy action or S-293’s own lapse in situational awareness. Whether this is the source of his hesitation to commit to one of the replacements is unconfirmed at this time.

    NOTE: Perhaps replacing S-293 with the *1T271 from XXX group will get him back on track—he’s always at his best while building a team.

    Birth of a Spartan

    As part of the Halo: Reach marketing campaign and build-up to the public beta that would begin on May 3, 2010, a live-action video short titled "Birth of a Spartan" was released publicly on April 27, 2010. The video short offers a glimpse of how Carter was transformed into the Spartan III who would go on to lead Noble Team in the defense of Reach against Covenant forces.

    The live-action short was directed by Noam Murro, best known as the director of the 2008 "Smart People."

    Role in Halo: Reach

    Carter is the leader of Noble Team. He's always in contact with his superior, Holland and is the first one to alert the UNSC on Covenant presence on Reach. He's the one who gives you, the player, objectives and he always works with Noble's best interest in mind. He tries to stay professional even in the face of great loss.

    His death is heroic and valiant. At the end of the game, Noble team must get Cortana off the planet by bringing her to the Pillar of Autumn, a UNSC cruiser. Emile, Noble 6 and Carter take a Pelican drop ship to the evac. Carter pilots it but on the way they're met with heavy enemy resistance and Carter gets pretty shot up in the cockpit. He tells Emile and 6 to continue on foot while he makes a distraction. After a while, the ground team can't advance because the road is blocked by a scarab. Carter, in an effort to fight for the greater good, crashes his ship into the giant beast, ending his life but allowing Cortana to be evacuated.

    Carter is voiced by Freddy Bosche in the game.


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