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    Chloe Barge

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    Chloe Barge is a camper at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. She's a space cadet who wears a helmet.

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    Chloe enjoys flying paper airplanes around the GPC. Chloe believes she and her "real parents" are aliens, and if Raz hits her, she'll remark that Earth violence is why the other planets haven't asked Earth to join their federation yet. It's left ambiguous whether she actually is an alien or not.

    Once re-brained, she'll hotwire Coach Oleander's radio to call for help, but she admits she's really just doing it to get a ride off from Earth. Using Clairvoyance reveals she sees Raz as a stereotypical green alien.

    Achievement: Maybe It's The Hair

    After finishing Milla's Dance Party, head back across the GPC to Ranger Cruller's shack. You'll get a brief scene where Nils Lutefisk tries to flirt with Chloe, only to be confronted by Bobby Zilch. Bobby will proceed to flirt with Chloe a little, and Chloe will remark that she needs to work on Bobby a bit. It's implied Chloe and Bobby might be a couple.


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