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    Chu-Chu is a species that is native to the planet in Xenogears. Very few of their kind exist, most of them residing in the flying city.

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    Chu-Chu is a member of a species that was thought to have become extinct due to Solaris. She is the only of her kind found on the planet's surface throughout Xenogears. She develops a strong affection for Fei upon meeting him in the Yggdrasil, after Bart mistakenly referred to her as a doll. She is brought into the story by Margie, who takes her when she is retrieved from the palace in Bledavik. Chu-Chu maintains a support status for the majority of the game.

    Combat Techniques

    Due to the existence of a limiter, Chu-Chu is a supporting character for most of the game. After the limiter is removed, she can grow to the size of a gear and fight alongside the party in battles designated for gears. She can do no deathblows, but has access to useful spells, including a support skill that can heal gears' HP. She doesn't have access to a gear.
    Ether (Spells) Skills 
    Name Req. EP
    Forest Dance 2 Recovers HP (one target)
    Culen Prayer 2 Recovers Physical Status (one target)
    Myrm Prayer 2 Recovers Mental Status (one target)
    Play Dead 2 Keeps Enemies From Attacking (Chu-Chu-only)
    Maiden Kiss 8 Revive (one target)
    Forest Wind 4 Wind Attack (one target)
    Earth Gnome 6 Earth Attack (area targets)
    Ancient Myth 10 Mystic Attack (all enemies)

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