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    Billy Lee Black

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A priest and deadly Etone, Billy Lee Black is a member of the Ethos. He watches over his sister at an orphanage that has been left in his care.

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    Billy Lee Black is a priest of the Ethos, the reigning religious group in Xenogears, and partially responsible for the amount of gear activity in recent time. His duties include watching over the Ethos' orphanage and performing his duties as Etone, a combatant for the church. As an Etone, it is his responsibility to watch over and protect others from Wels (also known as reapers). Because of his responsibilities, he is an excellent marksman.
    He is the one of two children born from Jessiah (better known as Jessie) and Raquel Black, his sibling being the mute Primera. Early in his childhood, shortly after teaching Billy how to fire a pistol, Jessiah left the Black family, leaving his mother alone to raise the children. A reaper attack on the Black home led to Raquel's death, and Primera to become mute. Coming to their aid was Bishop Stone, a member of the Ethos, who not only killed the reapers attacking their home, but took Billy in and made him the devote man that he has become today. He built the orphanage, where he helps raise them. The children assist Billy with the remote launch of his gear, Renmazuo. When his father suddenly returned, Billy maintained a distance from him, as Jessiah had changed significantly since they were last together. 
    Billy meets Fei and his friends on the sailing city, Thames, and agrees to let the party use the Ethos' facilities to aid Fei in his recovery from a recent attack from Ramsus. He accepts the help of the Yggdrasil crew in eradicating a reaper vessel, and joins with them after a significant betrayal from the Ethos.

    Combat Techniques

    Billy is a significant departure from the standard battling system the rest of the party uses. He equips a pair of pistols (which can be replaced with other makes and models found throughout the game), two ether guns located on his underarms, and a shotgun. The element of both ether pistols can be swapped with others (the elements being fire, wind, earth, and water). The pistols and shotgun require the player to purchase and equip finite bullets in order to use them. His ether skills are all support skills, making him a strong healer. 
    Name Button Combination
    AP Required
    Adams Apple Triangle, X 4
    Gunholic Triangle, Triangle, X 5
    Hell Blast Square, X 5
    Nut Crack Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 6
    Sky Walker Triangle, Square, X 6
    Devil Blast Square, Triangle, X 6
    Banfrau X, X 6
    True Dream Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 7
    Holy Gate Triangle, Triangle, Square, X 7
    Dear Friend Triangle, Square, Triangle, X 7
      Ether Skills 
    Name Req. EP
    Purity Light 2 Cure Status (one target)
    Healing Light 2 Recovers HP (one target)
    Holy Light 4 Recovers HP (all)
    Goddess Call 4 Speeds ATB Bar (one target)
    Goddess Eyes 4 Raises Defence (one target)
    Wind Shield 4 Blocks Earth (one target)
    Earth Shield 4 Blocks Wind (one targer)
    Fire Shield 4 Blocks Water (one target)
    Water Shield 4 Blocks Fire (one target)
    Goddess Wake 8 Revive (one target)


     Billy's First Gear,
     Billy's First Gear, "Renmazuo"
    Billy's Omnigear,
    Billy's Omnigear, "El-Renmazuo"
    Billy begins the game using Renmazuo. Renmazuo utilizes two pistols and guns mounted on its wrists. Later in the game, he gains access to El-Renmazuo after aligning with an Anima Relic. The most significant change between the two models, besides the power boosts, is replacing the cape on the original with two diamond wings.
      Renmazuo and El-Renmazuo's Deathblows
    Name Button Combination
    Req. Fuel
    Double Snap Triangle, Triangle 40 Level 1 Deathblow
    Hard Snap Triangle, Square 50 Level 1 Deathblow
    Hard Gun Triangle, X 10 Level 1 Deathblow
    Gun Blaze Square, Triangle 70 Level 2 Deathblow
    Impact Gun Square, Square 80 Level 2 Deathblow
    Holy Fist Square, X 20 Level 2 Deathblow
    Blaze Shot X, Triangle 100 Level 3 Deathblow
    Hard Gatling X, Square 110 Level 3 Deathblow
    Sky Gatling X, X 30 Level 3 Deathblow
    Thousand Triangle 10 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Holy Climb Square 20 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Holy Soul X 30 Level Infinity Deathblow

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