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    Citan Uzuki

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    Citan appears at first to be just a scholar living in Lahan. A master swordsman, there is always the sense that he knows more than he lets on.

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    Citan Uzuki lives next to Lahan villiage with his wife, Yui, and his daughter, Midori. He is a doctor in the most absolute sense of the word; he is the medical doctor that services the villiage, and he is an adept scientist, having significant knowledge about gear maintenance and electronics.
    Despite his seemingly honest intentions, Citan is much more than he seems. He was actually born Hyuga Ricdeau in the Solarian capital Etrenank as a third-class citizen. After being accepted into Jugend, the highest military academy in Solaris, he met Sigurd Harcourt Fatima, Jessiah Black, and Kahran Ramsus, forming the first known incarnation of the elite unit known as the Elements. He attained rank of Solarian Guardian Angel after Ramsus had been promoted and Jessiah and Sigurd abandoned the nation of Solaris, taking orders direction from Emperor Cain and the legislative body known as the Gazel Ministry. After a failed attack on Shevat, where he met Yui, he is given the order to watch over Fei by the Emperor, and is sent to the surface. 
    Citan begins his travels with Fei early on during the game, shortly after the events in Lahan unfold. After instructing Fei to leave, he soon follows after him, Weltall in tow. Citan acts as a wise adviser to Fei for a significant portion of the game, offering his expertise and worldly knowledge to help drive the party in the right direction. Also, his knowledge of people on Ignas aids the party. 

    Combat Techniques

    Citan is an extremely adept member of the party, having useful support ether skills (known as Arcane), and strong deathblows comparable to Fei’s. Within the events of the game, Citan picks up his sword which he had abandoned after the attack on Shevat. He learns two sets of deathblows, one for his bare hands, and one for his swordplay. Even though they are separate deathblows, once one is learned, the corresponding deathblow will be available once the sword becomes available.
    Name Button Combination
    AP Required
    Ukigumo / Amaoto Triangle, X 4
    Mufu / Engetsu Triangle, Triangle, X 5
    Jinrai / Amagumo) Square, X 5
    Shinrai / Himatsu Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 6
    Renken / Yako Triangle, Square, X 6
    Hakai / Zanretsu Square, Triangle, X 6
    Ougi / Myogetsu X, X 6
    Willow Wind / Festive Wind Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 7
    Rare Earth / Rumble Earth Triangle, Triangle, Square, X 7
    Hell Fire / Haze of Fire Triangle, Square, Triangle, X 7
    Tsunami Ice / Crystal Water Square, Triangle, Triangle, X 7
    Ether (Arcane) Skills
    Name Req. EP
    Sazanami 2 Recover HP (one target)
    Renki 2 Next Ether Affects All (Citan-only)
    Fuuseii 4 Blocks Earth Attacks (one target)
    Chiseii 4 Blocks Wind Attacks (one target)
    Kaseii 4 Blocks Water Attacks (one target)
    Suiseii 4 Blocks Fire Attacks (one target)
    Ryokusho 3 Cures Physical Ailments (one target)
    Reisho 3 Cures Mental Ailments (one target)
    Koga 2 Raises Defense & Lowers Attack (one target)
    Yamiga 2 Raises Attack & Lowers Defense (one target)
    Senkei 6 Haste (one target)


     Citan's First Gear, "Heimdal"

     Citan's Omnigear, "Fenrir"

    Citan initially takes control of the gear Heimdal after finding it on the Yggdrasil when the team meets up with Sigurd and Bart for the first time. Later in the game, he receives the Omnigear Fenrir, which uses a sword. Heimdal is the only gear where level infinity is not possible on the first disc.
    Heimdal and Fenrir's Deathblows

    Name Button Combination
    Req. Fuel
    Kentsui Triangle, Triangle 40 Level 1 Deathblow
    Reppu Triangle, Square 50 Level 1 Deathblow
    Ryuei Triangle, X 10 Level 1 Deathblow
    Shinrai Square, Triangle 70 Level 2 Deathblow
    Fujin Square, Square 80 Level 2 Deathblow
    Ryuga Square, X 20 Level 2 Deathblow
    Hakai X, Triangle 100 Level 3 Deathblow
    Kenjin X, Square 110 Level 3 Deathblow
    Tensho X, X 30 Level 3 Deathblow
    Ochiba Triangle 10 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Zanretsu Square 20 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Enken X 30 Level Infinity Deathblow


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