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Emeralda is a nanomachine colony that was initially designed by Kim Kasim to help mankind. Her creation occurred in the Zeboim era, using Elly's gene pattern. Miang, who was controlling the government at the time, decreed that Kim use his nanomachine work to artificially advance human evolution. This prompted Kim to remove Emeralda from the main research facility. When Miang caught wind of this, she sent military officials to seize the colony, but Emeralda's nanomachines stopped themselves and dismantled into a perpetual state.  
When Emeralda joins the party, she appears to be a child, and only uses a limited vocabulary. She is also very fond of Fei, who resembles Kim Kasim (Kim Kasim is an early incarnate of Fei). Through a side-quest available late in the game, Emeralda can gain an adult appearance instead of that of a child. She is also capable of morphing her body, due to the nature of her composition.

Combat Techniques

Name Button Combination
Required AP
Leg Cutter Triangle, X 4
Wave Cutter Triangle , Triangle , X 5
Leg Spin Square, X 5
Hammerhead Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 6
Grand Arm Triangle, Square, X 6
Divider Square, Triangle, X 6
Flying Arm X, X 6
Tornado Hand Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 7
Reycount Triangle, Triagnle, Square, X 7
Dark Beast Triangle, Square, Triangle, X 7
 Ether Skills
Name Req. EP
Anemo Darm 3 Medium Damage, Wind, Single Target
Terra Feist 3 Medium Damage, Earth, Single Target
Thermo Gord 3 Medium Damage, Fire, Single Target
Aqua Aroum 3 Medium Damage, Water, Single Target
Anemo Omega 6 High Damage, Wind, All Targets
Terra Holz 6 High Damage, Earth, All Targets
Thermo Giest 6 High Damage, Fire, All Targets
Aqua Dhaum 6 High Damage, Water, All Targets


 Emeralda's Gear,
 Emeralda's Gear, "Crescens"
Emeralda pilots the Gear Crescens throughout her involvement in Xenogears. She does not receive an onmigear due to her status as a nanomachine colony, and her late arrival to the party within the game. During combat, the Gear makes physical attack with the legs and wings, lacking any kind of arms.  
Crescens' Deathblows:
Name Button Combination
Req. Fuel
Arm Bash Triangle, Triangle 40 Level 1 Deathblow
Air Bash Triangle, Square 50 Level 1 Deathblow
Dance Bash Triangle, X 10 Level 1 Deathblow
Devil Hand Square, Triangle 70 Level 2 Deathblow
Devil Hold Square, Square 80 Level 2 Deathblow
Devil Bird Square, X 20 Level 2 Deathblow
Dead Spin X, Triangle 100 Level 3 Deathblow
Dead Drive X, Square 110 Level 3 Deathblow
Dead Melody X, X 30 Level 3 Deathblow
Dark Wave Triangle 10 Level Infinity Deathblow
Dark Force Square 20 Level Infinity Deathblow
Dark World X 30 Level Infinity Deathblow

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