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    Maria Balthasar

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Maria is the flagship defender of the flying city Shevat. Her relationship with her gear, Seibzehn, is mysterious and unique.

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    Maria Balthasar is a young citizen of Shevat, acting as the protector of the flying city. She pilots the mysterious and gargantuan gear Seibzehn, the origins of which lie with Solarian gear developer. Nikolai Balthasar. She is the granddaughter of the “old man” Isaac Balthasar that Fei and Bart meet early on in Xenogears.
    Her relationship with Seibzehn is that of a mystery. Maria is able to pilot the gear without sitting within the cockpit, standing atop the head. She can also beckon the gear to assist her in battle while not “piloting” it. The answer may come from the programming Nikolai installed within Seibzehn when it was being finished. After the battle with its sister gear, Achtzehn, it is reveal that Nikolai did program himself within Seibzehn so that he could continue to be with his daughter, even in death.
    Maria comes to meet the party when she confronts them on top of before they enter Shevat. After Shevat gets infiltrated and attacked by Solaris and Achtzehn, Maria accompanies the group at the request of Queen Zephyr.

    Combat Techniques

    Maria lacks any kind of physical strength, mostly due to her size and age. She does not possess any deathblows outside of Seibzehn. Her strength outside of her gear lies within her ether abilities, known as ‘Control’, where she summons Achtzehn does single attacks for her.
    Ether (Control) Skills

    Name EP Cost Effect
    Robo Beam 2 Laser Attack (one target)
    Robo Missile 4 Missile Attack (one target)
    Robo Punch 5 Punch Attack (area attack)
    Robo Kick 8 Kick Attack (area attack)
    Graviton Gun 30 High Damage Energy Attack (all enemies)


     Maria's Gear,
     Maria's Gear, "Seibzehn" 
    Maria pilots Seibzehn, a gear infused with the knowledge of her father that she controls telepathically. Despite the absence of deathblows when she in combat without her gear,  Seibzehn has deathblows available. She does not receive an Onimgear within the game, much like Emeralda. Her gear does start with significantly better frame and engine upgrades than the rest of the part.
    Seibzehn's Deathblows
    Name Button Combination
    Req. Fuel
    Mega Hammer Triangle, Triangle 40 Level 1 Deathblow
    Dyna Fight Triangle, Square 50 Level 1 Deathblow
    Gravity Fist Triangle, X 10 Level 1 Deathblow
    Dyna Rush Square, Triangle 70 Level 2 Deathblow
    Head Dive Square, Square 80 Level 2 Deathblow
    Gravity Press Square, X 20 Level 2 Deathblow
    Meteor Press X, Triangle 100 Level 3 Deathblow
    Iron Break X, Square 110 Level 3 Deathblow
    Iron Storm X, X 30 Level 3 Deathblow
    Fire Drive Triangle 10 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Magneto Square 20 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Maria Beat X 30 Level Infinity Deathblow

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