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    Elhaym Van Houten

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    Elhaym "Elly" Van Houten is the lead female protagonist in Xenogears. She is an adept member of the Gebler Special Forces.

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    Elhaym Van Houten is the female lead in Xenogears. While a member of Solaris’ elite Gebler forces, Elly has a very kind and nurturing demeanor, and often acts against her status in the military. Despite this, she is highly regarded for her strength and abilities, being able to use the strong ‘Aerods’ attack within her gear, Vierge, commanding a small strike force, and belonging to the Elements.
    Elly is first met in the forest outside Lahan by a runaway Fei. While initially hostile towards Fei, she slowly begins to trust him, and later, ends up switching sides to fight with Bart and the party against Solaris. Her knowledge of Solaris is extensive, trumping Citan, and shares a very elaborate residence there with her parents.  

    Elly's Past (Significant Story Spoilers)

    Elly’s soul was created by the Wave Existence, a divine being, to be eternally paired with Abel known as the Antitype. She was present with every incarnation of Abel throughout time.
    Her first incarnation was with the original Abel of the Elridge, where they fought against Cain and lost their lives. Her second incarnation was married to Kim Kasim in the Zeboim era. Her third was the Holy Mother Sophia, who shared a kinship with Lacan.
    Elly’s fourth incarnation was not born a full-blooded Solarian. Her father, a highly-decorated military man, had an affair with his maid, who came from the surface, and despite his infidelity, Elly was raised as a Solarian by her father and his wife. Because of this, she was often ridiculed by her fellow Elements within in the military.
    Her introduction to the story has her piloting a stolen Weltall from Kislev. Because of the pursuing Kislev troopers, she is shot down over Lahan, and is forced to make an emergency crash landing. This directly leads to Fei’s exile, and the beginning push to begin the plot of Xenogears.

    Combat Techniques

    Elly fights with steel rods that act as a kind of riot stick. While she has some decent combos, her defense and speed are lacking. Her real strength lies in her elemental ethers that upgrade periodically at particular level increases. She is the real offensive spell-caster available for most of the game, making her an invaluable member of the party. Her offensive skills offer the ability to offensive target more than one enemy, which is also exclusive to Elly. 

    Name Button Combination
    AP Required
    Screamer Triangle, X 4
    Cyclone Kick Triangle, Triangle, X 5
    Breakthrough Square, X 5
    Double Shock Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 6
    Sky Attack Triangle, Square, X 6
    Bright Spark Square, Triangle, X 6
    Sting Kick X, X 6
    Anemo Zap Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X 7
    Terra Charge Triangle, Triangle, Square, X 7
    Thermo Thump Triangle, Square, Triangle, X 7
    Aqua Frost Square, Triangle, Triangle, X 7
    Ether Skills 
    Name Req. EP
    Anemo Bolt 2 Wind Attack (one target)
    Terrace Lance 2 Earth Attack (one target)
    Thermo Cube 2 Fire Attack (one target)
    Aqua Ice 2 Water Attack (one target)
    Anemo Burn 6 Wind Attack (target area)
    Terra Storm 6 Earth Attack (target area)
    Thermo Dragon 6 Fire Attack (target area)
    Aqua Mist 6 Water Attack (target area)
    Anemo Wave 10 Wind Attack (all enemies)
    Terra Ghost 10 Earth Attack (all enemies)
    Thermo Largo 10 Fire Attack (all enemies)
    Aqua Lord 10 Water Attack (all enemies)


     Elly First Gear,
     Elly First Gear, "Vierge"
     Elly's Omnigear,
     Elly's Omnigear, "Regrs"
    Elly’s only playable gear is Vierge, a Solarian-built battle gear. The gear fights with a rod much like her human counterpart does, and is able to use the special ability ‘Aerods’. Elly does gain access to an omnigear, due to circumstances that occur within the game, it is not a playable gear. Regrs belonged to Lady Sophia. Though it isn’t usable within battle, it can be unlocked in the Battle Arena. 
    Vierge's Deathblows 
    Name Button Combination
    Req. Fuel
    Double Impact Triangle, Triangle 40 Level 1 Deathblow
    Hard Smash Triangle, Square 50 Level 1 Deathblow
    Beat Storm Triangle, X 10 Level 1 Deathblow
    Sonic Drive Square, Triangle 70 Level 2 Deathblow
    Heart Strike Square, Square 80 Level 2 Deathblow
    Mega Impact Square, X 20 Level 2 Deathblow
    Flash Drive X, Triangle 100 Level 3 Deathblow
    High Diva X, Square 110 Level 3 Deathblow
    Blaze Dance X, X 30 Level 3 Deathblow
    Flash Flail Triangle 10 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Blue Blast Square 20 Level Infinity Deathblow
    Dark Diva X 30 Level Infinity Deathblow

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