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    Command & Conquer: Renegade

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 26, 2002

    Step into the boots of GDI Commando Nick "Havok" Parker and take the fight to Nod from a whole new perspective in the only first-person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe.

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    Command & Conquer: Renegade was released on February 26, 2002 as a PC exclusive. The game, unlike its many predecessors, is a first-person shooter, taking place in the original Tiberium universe, towards the end of the First Tiberium War.  The player controls of Nick "Havok" Parker, a member of the "Dead Six" special forces unit of the Global Defence Initiative.  Originally, this character was simply the anonymous Commando unit from Command & Conquer, but his demeanor and voice acting (performed by series composer Frank Klepacki) made him a fan favorite. 

    The story picks up with Havok saving a GDI convoy from an ambush by the Brotherhood of Nod, and attacking a Nod base.  After disobeying direct orders and going on an unauthorized solo mission, Havok is thrown in the brig of the command ship he operates for insubordination. It's not long before the ship's commander reluctantly has him released in order to be sent on a rescue mission. Nod has captured the GDI's top three Tiberium research scientists, and Havok's mission is to go and rescue them before Nod kills them or worse, coerces them into developing dangerous Tiberium-based technology.  Unfortunately a former member of Dead Six (and former love interest of Havok's) is now working for Nod, forcing him to choose between his duty and his feelings.


    Regardless of the fact that Renegade is part of the Command & Conquer universe, the game plays similarly to other first-person games.  Havok is placed in a relatively open environment with objectives marked on the Electronic Video Assistance (or EVA), which acts basically as a map and navigation system. However, the levels aren't completely open, as there are clear paths to take and specific objectives placed on the HUD.  Weapons are all pulled from the fiction of Command & Conquer, including basic assault rifles, Gatling guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and various Tiberium-based weapons that can be picked up from Nod soldiers or weapon caches. As a diversion from traditional first-person gameplay, players are allowed to drive familiar Command & Conquer vehicles and enter structures originally featured in the real-time strategy game, such as Tiberium Refineries, Power Plants, Barracks, War Factories, and others. 



    Silenced Pistol

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    This weapon is the default weapon of the game. It has infinite ammo and reloads after 12 shots. In missions where ammunition is rare this weapon can be helpful, and the fact that it is silenced allows players to use some stealth. In multiplayer this weapon is available to all classes and can be used to fight when the player runs out of ammo.

    Combat Rifles

    Assault Rifle

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    The assault rifle is the basic infantry weapon. Its large drum magazine of 100 bullets allows players to spray at will. This weapon is weak, but fairly accurate and is used by GDI and NOD infantry soldiers. This weapon is versatile, but isn't suited for attacks on vehicles, buildings, and buildings terminals. In multiplayer it is used by troopers by default. 

    Condor Minigun

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    The condor minigun is a weapon used by GDI and NOD officers. It does more damage than the assault rifle, but it has the same magazine capacity. This weapon is also less accurate than the assault rifle, but it is a better weapon overall. Short bursts are required to make this gun more accurate, but it is useless against vehicles, buildings, and buildings terminals.


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    The shotgun is a multiplayer only weapon that can be slow, but does a lot of damage at close range. It has only eight cartridges per magazine, but the reload speed is always the same no matter how many shots have been fired. In the single player campaign some NOD soldiers use the shotgun, but it cannot be picked up.  
    Note: only available in multiplayer.

    Scoped Rifles

    Sniper rifle

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    The sniper rifle is used by GDI and NOD snipers, and deals more damage than all other weapons. It kills most enemies with a single headshot, and also features a built-in microphone for dropping in on enemy conversations from any range. It features a four bullet magazine, and the ideal range, like most sniper rifles, is long or medium range.

    Ramjet Rifle

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    The Ramjet rifle is the only weapon that can cause severe damage to vehicles. This weapon is unavailable throughout the single player game, but in multiplayer it is available to the major characters, such as Havok and Sakura. It has mostly the same features as the sniper rifle, such as the microphone and the four bullet magazine.  
    Note: Only available in multiplayer.

    Chemical Weapons

    Chemical Sprayer

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    The Chemical Sprayer is one of the most effective chemical weapons. The weapon can create Viceroids from dead victims (essentially radioactive, computer controlled characters) which cannot be affected the Chemical Sprayer. Additionally, the weapon is completely ineffective against NOD Chemical Troopers, vehicles, buildings, and building terminals. This weapon has a 100 shot Tiberium canister, and is only suited for close range combat. In multiplayer this weapon is only available to the NOD Chemical Trooper class. 


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    The Flamethrower is the most versatile chemical weapon of the arsenal. It burns enemies and works against almost any creature, except for vehicles, buildings, and Flame Soldiers. This weapon has a 100 shot Napalm canister, and like its counterpart, is only suited for close range combat. In multiplayer this weapon is only available to the NOD, but for the Flame Soldier class.


    Rocket Launcher

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    The rocket launcher is a powerful weapon that works well against everything except fast moving targets and buildings (building terminals excluded). Its six rocket magazine allows it to fire six shots in a rapid succession, with almost no splash damage. This weapon is used by GDI and NOD officers, as well as some special characters (such as Gunner, a special unit for the GDI).

    Grenade Launcher

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    The grenade launcher is a medium range weapon that is well suited against small infantry groups. Its eight grenade drum magazine allows it fire for a long stretch of time. It is only moderately effective against vehicles and buildings. In multiplayer, this weapon is only available to GDI Grenadiers.

    Energy Weapons

    Portable Ion Cannon

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    The portable ion cannon is one of the most powerful weapons of the game. Its high power ion beam can destroy vehicles in a few shots, but its single ammo load makes it incredibly slow, and not suited against infantry groups. This weapon is only available for the GDI, and no regular troops in the game use it. In multiplayer, this weapon is only available for Sidney Moebius.

    Laser Rifle

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    The laser auto rifle is similar to the assault rifle in that it has an identical fire rate. This weapon is powerful and can burn enemies in only a few shots. This weapon has a 100 shot energy battery, and is one of the most dangerous NOD weapons in the game. It is normally only used by Invisible NOD soldiers. In multiplayer this weapon is used by the Black Hand soldier, who also has invisibility as an ability.

    Mass Driver

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    This weapon is similar to the portable ion cannon, mainly because it is the NOD version of the weapon. It can be used as an anti-vehicular weapon, but it's only used by Raveshaw in the game. 
    Note: Only available in multiplayer.

    Laser Chaingun

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    The Laser Chaingun is similar to the laser rifle, but it fires much faster and it doesn't burn enemies. It is still fairly effective against infantry, and can be used against some light vehicles. In multiplayer this weapon is available to NOD Black Hand Officers.  

    Volt Auto Rifle

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    This lightning gun is a dangerous weapon and is only available near the end of the game. It has a 100 shot energy battery. In single player it shocks troops when they are hit by it, but that is not the case in multiplayer. This weapon is moderately effective against vehicles, but not effective at all to buildings. In multiplayer this weapon is available for both sides. Both Dr. Moebius, from the GDI, and Mendoza, from the NOD, can use this weapon.

    Repair Rifle

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    This tool has infinite ammo and can repair everything, even friendly troops. It can also defuse beacons and bombs. it is available for both sides to either the engineer or the major hotwire character. In the single player some NOD engineers have this gun, but it cannot be picked up.
    Note: Only available in multiplayer.

    Tiberium Projection Weapons

    Tiberium Auto Rifle

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    This weapon fires fast moving tiberium bullets and can hold about 50 of them. Like all Tiberium weapon, it can generate Viceroids and is ineffective against some creatures and vehicles. In single player, only NOD Acolytes use it, however, they are invulnerable to this weapon, as well as any other Tiberium based weapon. In multiplayer this is a GDI weapon for Sidney Moebius.

    Tiberium Flechette Gun

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    This weapon is the same as the auto rifle, except it has twice as much ammo and can be used by the GDI character Patch.

    Bombs and Mines

    Remote C4

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    This weapon is used to take out ground vehicles and buildings when used on their terminals or even small turrets. In multiplayer this weapon is used by the engineer.

    Proximity C4

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    This weapon can be planted on the ground to protect routes against enemy vehicles.
    Note: Only available in multiplayer

    Timed C4

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    The Timed C4 has the same uses as the remote one, except it is timed. In multiplayer this weapon is available for all characters, however engineers can carry more with them. 

    Note: Only available in multiplayer.


    Ion Cannon Beacon

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    This weapon is GDI only. In single player it is used to take out buldings. In multiplayer, it must be planted in a specific spot to win the game. This beacon, like all the other beacons, are available to all characters, but must be purchased at the cost of 1000 credits.

    Nuclear Strike Beacon

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    This is the NOD version of the ion cannon beacon. It has the same uses, advantages, and disadvantages as the GDI version, except it fires a nuclear missile. 





    This is the GDI recon vehicle, it's fast and has a machinegun. It's effective against light
    No Caption Provided
    armored vehicle and armored infantry.

    No Caption Provided


    This is the NOD recon vehicle. It's fast, but weaker than the      Humvee. It is the NOD counterpart to the Humvee.

    No Caption Provided


    The GDI APC is an anti infantry vehicle, but  it can transport troops. This is only available in multiplayer.

    No Caption Provided


    The NOD's version uses wheels instead of tracks. It's weaker but faster than the GDI version.
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    Medium Assault Tank

    The GDI assault tank is a great vehicle, it has an average speed but it's armor and main cannon makes it a great anti structure and vehicle tank.

    No Caption Provided

    Light Assault Tank

    This vehicle is lighter and faster than the GDI Assault tank and it's great for hit and run assaults.
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    This is a mobile rocket launcher that can  fire 6 rockets in a row, but it has a slow reload time. It can beat structures from a safe range and can fire rockets indirectly.

    No Caption Provided


    The NOD artilery is the MLRS counter part, but it uses a canon just like the  Assault tank, except for it's has long range.
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    Mammoth Tank

    This is the strongest and slowest tank of them all, also it can recover half of its armor automatically if it's not damaged for a period of time. It uses two main canons for vehicles and structures and two rocket pods against infantry and short range targets.
    No Caption Provided

    Flame Tank

    This vehicle is the best anti infantry vehicle of the game. Its twin flamethrowers are devastating against troops and it's large armor allow it to take some hits.
    No Caption Provided

    Stealth Tank

    This tank can be invisible if it doesn't attack, but it can be damaged and crush enemies while  cloaked. It's fast but weak, but great for hit and run asaults.


    The multiplayer mode was considered by many to be fairly unique for its time. Each team begins on a large map, with each respective team in their own base. Each base contains a refinery and a Tiberium collection vehicle that automatically goes out and returns resources to the base. Any player could then go into a console located in each of their team's buildings to purchase class upgrades (e.g. Engineer, Sniper, Grenadier, etc), defensive structures, and even vehicles (such as tanks, Humvees, and--eventually with a late patch--transport and attack helicopters).

    Games could be won by destroying the other team's base, or by placing their super weapon in a specific area of the enemy base, causing an instant-win. Shared resources put a greater emphasis on teamwork, but was also one of the game's downfalls, as selfish players could effectively ruin their team's chances by wasting resources. The multiplayer mode was a big hit with many players, and there is even an effort to recreate the experience in an Unreal Tournament III mod titled Renegade X.


    Renegade was one of the first retail titles to feature online class-based multiplayer.

    1. Soldier - The Soldier was the default class.  Good for infantry battles, he had an assault rifle, pistol and a very useful timed-C4 charge.
    2. Grenadier - A great defensive unit he could lay down indirect blind fire by lobbing grenades with his grenade launcher;  also great for taking out vehicles.
    3. Shotgun Soldier - Like Soldier but with a Shotgun!
    4. Engineer - I'm sure you can guess what this guy did.  He repaired stuff.  Engineers only had a pistol though and timed C4 and 2 remote C4s
    5. Minigun Officer - Think of TF2's Heavy.
    6. Rocket Officer - Think of TF2's Soldier.
    7. Sydney Mobius - Laid down a swath of Tiberium that heavily damaged vehicles and infantry.  The smoke from the after-effect could be used as a temporary visual cover.
    8. Deadeye - This game's sniper.
    9. Gunner - Upgraded version of Rocket Officer.
    10. Patch - Patch was armed with a "Staple Gun" and could shoot high volume of Tiberium in rapid fire; shredding enemies to pieces.
    11. Nick "Havok" Parker - Beyond being the game's protagonist, Havok was an upgraded version of Deadeye with armor piercing bullets.
    12. Sydney Mobius (Power Ranger version) - This iteration of Sydney was much more powerful and came with a personal Ion cannon.  The trade-off was that it was one shot per clip, and the cooldown was exceptionally long.
    13. Ignatio Mobius - Had a Volt Auto-Rifle that was decent at taking out vehicles.
    14. Hotwire (Advanced Engineer) - Hotwire posed a huge threat to enemy bases if she was able to infiltrate.  Hotwire would be able to slip into a Humvee, ride into the enemy's base unscathed, exit the vehicle, and single handedly take out key structures.  Even if enemies saw her enter one of their buildings, they generally would not be able to stop her at that point unless they were within immediate range of her due to the fact Hotwire had personal land mines she could plant as well as various forms of C4.
    Many of NOD's soldiers are repeats of GDIs, but there were some; this listing only contains the different ones
    1. Flamethrower - Think of TF2's Pyro.
    2. Chem Warrior - Chem Warriors would spray Tiberium like a firefighter might spray out water.  They were the only unit that could go into Tiberium without any damage.  Great at fighting vehicles.
    3. Black Hand Heavy Weapons - This guy was like a TF2's Heavy but with a Kritzkrieg. Great at mowing down vehicles.
    4. Black Hand Stealth Soldier - Think of TF2's Spy... but with a laser rifle and C4.
    5. Raveshaw - Raveshaw was same as Power Ranger Mobius but instead of Ion Cannon he had a Railgun.  Also it did less damage and had a faster reload.


    Unfortunately, as great of an idea as Renegade sounded, the whole scenario felt unfinished.  Critics noted multiple bugs, sound errors, erratic vehicle controls and repetitive gameplay plagued the single player experience.  Besides these, the game still stayed fun, for the most part, and had enough C&C fanservice to please even the most hardcore C&C fanatic and contained a very fresh and inspired multiplayer experience.


    Electronic Arts would later begin development of another first-person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe, this one simply called Tiberium, which would have been set after Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, and the events of the Third Tiberium War. Little was known about Tiberium, other than the fact that it would have featured squad-based gameplay and that its storyline centred around a seemingly abandoned Scrin Threshold Tower, but the game was quietly and unceremoniously cancelled in September 2008, with no reason given, other than the vague company-friendly excuse that Tiberium "...was not on track to meet the high quality standards set by the team and by the EA Games Label." 
    A Command & Conquer: Renegade revival has surfaced for another under-appreciated game, Unreal Tournament 3.  A mod called "Renegade-X" has created a Total Conversion to the Renegade game; this means that it takes the Unreal Tournament 3 game and changes all of its aspects to create its own game, in this case, Renegade-X.  The mod can be found at:

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