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Cursed Mountain is a survival horror title set in the Himalayan Mountains developed by Sproing Interactive and Deep Silver. It was released on the Wii and PC in 2009. The game takes heavy influence from the Buddhist religion. The game is set during the 1980s, in an era that predates GPS and other satellite technology that is now widespread.


Frank Simmons is one of the worlds best high-altitude climbers. He is sent on an expedition to climb the Himalayan peak Chomolonzo with his climbing partner Paul Ward. Their benefactor, Edward Bennett, wants them to retrieve an ancient artifact from the mountain. After after finding the artifact, however, Frank and Paul have some kind of argument; Paul returns to basecamp alone, leaving Frank on the mountain. At basecamp, the artifact, a stone, blows up, and the Sherpas refuse to set foot on the mountain they call 'the sacred one' to find Frank. The player takes on the role of Frank's brother Eric, who takes on his own expedition to find Frank and figure out what happened.

Cursed Mountain's primary adversaries are spirits who are trapped in between the realms of life and death. These spirits are heavily inspired by the Buddhist religion. At the game's start, Eric Simmons begins in a small monastery in the valley beside Chomolonzo, where he is trying to gather villagers to go up the mountain with him. The villagers strongly object because they say the goddess of Chomolonzo has been angered, so Eric must ascend to the peak alone. As he gets closer and closer to the summit, Eric will start to speculate that some of the horrors he is seeing are caused by the thin mountain air and that he is going insane.


Instead of using conventional weapons like shotguns or melee weapons, Eric's primary tool of defense against the spirits he encounters are Buddhist prayers. In the Wii version, these prayers are performed by using the Wii Remote. Other motion controls are used for such actions as avoiding falling rocks by running and swinging an ice pick.


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