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    Data Design Interactive was a UK game developer and publisher that is best known for it's G.O.D.S engine and the games developed for it.

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    Founded in 1983 as Data Design Systems as a developer for ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, they changed their name to Data Design Interactive in 1990 and became a limited company in 1999.

    In 2007 they started the Popcorn Arcade range to capitalize on the growing Wii budget market, peaking at 40% of the Wii market share in the EU in September 2008. Their Wii releases got universally negative reception, but made DDI the 4th largest publisher in the world by Q1 2008. In May 2008 they opened a US office, Data Design Interactive LLC in Sarasota, Florida.

    Most of Data Designs output frequently shared elements for more than one game. For instance, it wasn't uncommon to see a menu from one game reused in another or to see enemies re-skinned.

    Data Design Interactive ceased trading in 2009.


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