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This Dragon Ball Z game was the only one from the PlayStation one line up that did not make it to the States. Which was ashame because it was the best in the generation. Dragonball Z : Legends (the name that many Americans call it) followed the Z sage from Nappa and Vegeta's arrival on earth to the death of Kid Buu . At first glance its seems like a simple 1 on 1 fighting game but this is not true.

The screen where all the fighting takes place has 5 major bars 2 health barks, two ki bars for both fighters and one big bar called power balence. The power balance is the key to winning a round. what the game boils down to is a tug of war with no time limit once the power balence is in your favor you unlease a special attack which is usually a characters main attack from the series.

You get the balence bar in your favor by beating the chear out of of them. This tug of war system is the best way to describe a good DBZ fight, back and forth with no end in site. Each time you unleash a big attack is like winning a round because the only way to get any energy out of the the person your fighting is hit them with a big attack. For the most part with even fighters fighters it takes 3 rounds, but the game takes in account who is fighting. Weaker fighters do less damage so kid gohan would have a really hard time with kid buu.

The Combat uses four buttons four 1 on 1 duels, (guard , attack, ki blast and ki charge). Every attack uses ki except for guarding.

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