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Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires is a turn-based strategy game where you fight against other forces to create your own empire with a general from the semi-legendary romance of the three kingdoms period of Chinese history, or a player created character. You can create alliances with other up-coming empires and trade items, along with fighting them for their territory and capturing their soldiers, opening the possibility of hiring them as Generals or Lieutenants, or just setting them free.


Guan Yu Taking over an Enemy base
Guan Yu Taking over an Enemy base

You start off the game by selecting if you want a pre-made team, (like Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan and Cao Cao or Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei), or if you would like to make your own. After selecting your team, you pick your starting land and from then on, you battle with other empires for that land and the resources that land has, like Gold and Items. After each turn, your officers will propose offers, such as restoring 1000 troops to each officer or fire arrows, replacing your archers’ normal arrows with more damaging fire arrows.

Other land rulers can attack your lands and you will be given the option to either defend or attack, although a failure to defend successfully (or at all) will result in the targeted land being lost, along with the gold and items received from it.


These are the Characters that Are in DW4: Empires.

(Characters are in alphabetical order)

Cao Cao

Cao Ren

Da Qiao

Dian Wei

Diao Chan

Dong Zhou

Gan Ning

Guan Yu

Huang Gai

Huang Zhong

Jiang Wei

Liu Bei

Lu Bu

Lu Meng

Lu Xun

Ma Chao

Pang Tong

Sima Yi

Sun Ce

Sun Jian

Sun Shangxiang

Sun Quan

Taishi Ci

Wei Yan

Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Yuan

Xiao Qiao

Xu Huang

Xu Zhu

Yuan Shao

Yue Ying

Zhang Fei

Zhang He

Zhang Jiao

Zhang Liao

Zhao Yun

Zhen Ji

Zhou Tai

Zhou Yu

Zhu Rong

Zhuge Liang

Character Customization

Character Customization
Character Customization

You can create your own general with a weapon from anyone of the characters in the game, Make up there name, the way they look, there voice and there movement and there special skill like

Ambush, were that general can call an ambush on some enemy soldiers in a battle at any time.

Proposal Offers

These are broken down into seven different categories.

Product Devolpment


- Cost: None

Promote a regions industry, acquire 300 gold.


- Cost: 1500~

Cancel current production, and begin production of a new product.


- Cost: 2000

Begin production of a new product in addition to the production of current productions.


- Cost: 1000

Shorten production time by 2 turns.


- Cost: 850~

Raise the level of a product.


- Cost: 2500

Substantially raise the level of a product.

Mass produce

- Cost: 1000

Speed up the production of an entire regions products so that those products can be used in the next battle.

Officer Affairs


- Cost: 3000

Raise the level of one of your officers.

Local Search -

Cost: 1700~

Search your area for free officers.

Wide search

- Cost: 2200~

Search the entire country for free officers.


- Cost: 2000

Recruit talent and choose an officer to employ.


- Cost: 3200~

Present a product to another force in order to convince an officer to join you. You cannot select which specific officer will join you.


- Cost: 6000

Present a product to a specific officer from another force to convince him to join you. once completed, A new product will be developed.


- Cost: 1000

Elect an officer as Grand General or Strategist.



- Cost: None

Encourage an areas commerce, acquire gold.


- Cost: 500

Exchange production facilities with another ruler.

Send Craftsmen

- Cost: 1000

Support production of another force and form an alliance for 3 turns.

Short Alliance

- Cost: 400

Form an alliance for 4 turns.

Long Alliance

- Cost: 1000

Form an alliance for 8 turns.

Joint attack -

Cost: 1000

Receive ally reinforcements in the next battle.


- Cost: None

Coerce a force to enter into an alliance and make them pay gold. Alliance lasts for 4 turns.

Battle Tactics

Lt. Skill

- Cost: 500

Allow Lieutenants to use skills in battle.


- Cost: 400

Delay enemy reinforcements.

Fast Heal

- Cost: 600

Hasten the arrival of reinforcements.


- Cost: 500

During an invasion, friendly local troops will appear to assist you.


- Cost: 800

Hinder the arrival of enemy assistance.


- Cost: 2000

Force the defection of an enemy officer.

Take Over

- Cost: 1200

Begin the battle with half of the bases already secured.

Heal Forces

Heal 1

- Cost: 200

Restore 1000 troops to an officers forces.

Heal 2

- Cost: 1000

Completely restore an officers forces.

Triple Heal

- Cost: 800

Restore 1000 troops to up too 3 of your officers' forces.

Heal All 1

- Cost: 300

Restore 500 troops to all of your officers' forces.

Heal All 2

- Cost: 2000

Restore 1000 troops to all of your officers' forces.

Heal All 3

- Cost: 3000

Restore 2000 troops to all of your officers' forces.

Heal All 4

- Cost: 4000

Completely restore all forces.

Reinforce Military

Fire Arrows

- Cost: 200

Equip all archers with fire arrows.


- Cost: 300

Sorcerers will join your forces.


- Cost: 400

Shamans will join your forces.


- Cost: 400

Increase time limit by 10 minutes.

Points Increase

- Cost: 600

Player controlled officer's point score is doubled.

Wood Ox

- Cost: 500

The wood ox is added to your forces.


- Cost: 500

Juggernauts are added to your forces.



- Cost: 300

Conduct a survey to hear the people's needs.

Holiday -


Delay production by one turn to give people a holiday.

Forced Labor

- Cost: None

Force people to harder labor to speed up production by one turn.


- Cost: 300

Allow troops to return home with a pension. Forces are reduced by 20%.

Emergency Tax

- Cost: None

Collect 500 gold from the people in your kingdom.


- Cost: 1500

Conduct a draft. All officers' forces are increased by 2000 troops.


- Cost: 2000

Donate gold to the people of your kingdom.

Grand Tax -

Cost: None

Collect 1000 (Area population x 50)


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