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    Earthworm Jim 3D

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 31, 1999

    A sequel to Earthworm Jim 2, Earthworm Jim 3D left the 2D graphical style, in a brave attempt to change the gameplay and graphics of the Earthworm Jim series.

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    Earthworm Jim 3D was the latest game in the series to appear on consoles. It is the third game in the series and was created by Interplay, and was more aimed toward the television series rather than the previous games in the series. Earthworm Jim 3D was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and PC, also a PlayStation version was announced, but got cancelled.


    Earthworm Jim blasting an enemy.
    Earthworm Jim blasting an enemy.

    Earthworm Jim 3D is played similar to other 3D platformer games in that time, such as Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64.

    The player will control Earthworm Jim and kill enemies while containing many platforming elements. You play through different levels, and unlock more locations by collecting Golden Udders, while new levels in each location can be obtained by collecting Jim's Marbles. Like in previous Earthworm Jim games, Your primary weapon will be your blaster gun.


    Earthworm Jim is struck by a cow flying through the air, and is then induced in a coma. Jim awakes in his mind and becomes crazy. Jim's previous enemies are also in his mind, and if not defeated, Jim will be stuck in his coma forever. He has unleashed his super ego to stop the madness happening in his mind. Jim must collect all of the Golden Udders to restore his sanity.

    As you travel around his own mind, Jim has four area to explore in order to restore his health (and more importantly, his sanity). The four areas Jim must explore is also where he must collect his marbles, which, not only determines how smart Jim really is, but can unlock future levels by collecting a certain amount of marbles. With this in mind, Jim must travel deeper into his mind to get rid of his enemies.

    The first area Jim explores is his Memory, along with his old foe, Psycrow. Inside Jim relives his early childhood of a war and other manly things a worm must remember. Collecting all the Golden Udders in this area allows Jim to travel into another part of his just after he defeats Psycrow in a good, old fashioned Pig Surfing contest. Jim must collect 100 marbles before Psycrow in order to win (and all the boss battles are this way as well so it's good to practice now while you get the chance). A big catch is that you have to watch your health at the same time so it's best not to get hit with anything and hope that you can collect everything before Psycrow does.

    The second area Jim must explore is his Happiness. In here, nothing but food and anything Jim really loves the most is in this part of his brain. However, another foe is around here as well and that would be Fatty Roswell, an alien with an obvious problem of eating way too much, with a goal to make Jim's mind the perfect place to dine forever. A tough boss to crack as he has the ability to teleport around the area, making it hard to collect all the marbles to win.

    Jim swallows his pride and sticks his chest out, the next area he must face is his Fear. Everything that he fears the most can be found in this area and adds even more rooms then the previous area, just to see Jim wet himself. In here, he must face ghost chickens and dancing zombies in order to restore his sanity. Another foe is lurking in the darkness and that is Professor Monkey for a Head and his never ending quest to torture poor Jim forever using his greatest fears.

    Just when you think Jim can't do much else at this point, he must then travel into his Fantasy, where growing up as a worm, he will be the Worm of the West and stop the bandits from harming his mind anymore. His last foe in this part of his mind is Bob the Goldfish and Number 4 (a cat) who will stop at nothing to make sure Jim doesn't restore his sanity and leave him trapped in a coma forever.


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