Disappointing Sequels in Great Series

Games, I'm afraid, don't always age like red wine. Sometimes, if overlooked enough, they can age like milk. These are the games that make me wish I never had to use that overused simile the most, games in a Great Series that ended up getting Disappointing Sequels (also keep in mind that these are mostly games that I personally played or have seen gameplay of, so don't get iffy if I didn't mention something that needs a good hankering) (I might also update this list with more entries if I find any more sequels that I don't like) (yes, I changed the title so this article looks a little less confusing) (and finally, to add more unnecessary parentheses, this list is MY OPINION ONLY. I'm sorry if you think I'm an idiot or an asshole if I diss on a game you hold dearly beloved to your heart, but I'm also not sorry. Take my opinion with a grain of salt and maturity, please)

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