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Gears of War Again

The 3rd installment of the popular console selling franchise from epic games 
is back with new locations & maps to explore via campaign & online co-op & multiplayer
Gears 3 strongest point is co-op which is made clear with the campaign this time around that always has 4 COG soldiers
allowing 4 player online co-op through out the journey 
The popular online co-op Horde mode know as 2.0 has been revamped based on how the community played Horde 1.0 on Gears 2
allowing player to build barriers & set up turrets + decoys using a temporary money currency  
so no more worrying about finding shields from enemies to build those road blocks
There is also a online co-op Beast mode making it's debut where you play as the Locast 
that is heavenly based on objective & team work best described as a puzzle game figuring out ways to surpass barriers
As for the multiplayer it's okay but certainly clear that Gears was not meant to be competitive just based on the game play that is the game itself an feels more like an after thought that was just slapped on as always in previous titles
The Good +
The best 3rd person online co-op out there on console
General Level Rank Progression
Horde 2.0
Player Bots for private "mock multiplayer"
Still one of the best looking games out there
Well paced even longer epic campaign that allows 4 player co-op
Hammer Burst gets iron sight view may appeal to FPS players   
Whether you play solo or with others you can play all game the modes
The Bad  -
Somewhat sluggish controls that does not work for competitive play
Shotguns are exploited in multiplayer
Day 1 Maps are not as great as previous Gears Games
Players will have to spend $30 at one point if they want current & future DLC via "VIP Pass"
If you were not fan of Gears then this game wont change that i.e. more of same etc.

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