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GoW III review 9

A funny thing happened a few hours into God of War III: it became really, really amazing. Perhaps it was the over hyping of the first 30 minutes that so many previews had gushed about. Perhaps it was the considerable increase in hack’n’slashery that I had done this year. Maybe it was even the incredibly misguided Platinum trophy runs of Dante’s Inferno that I had done, but I just was not into this game at all. The giant bosses, the same combat I had played with twice before, and the puzzles whic...

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Vengeance Ends Here... The God of War III Review 2

 Please note - This review and the videos being shown may contain spoilers, so read and watch at your own risk if you have not beaten the game yet. The God of War franchise has been unrivaled in terms of pushing the action genre and the Playstation consoles to their limits with amazing graphics, an epic sense of scale, memorable battles against foes that are way bigger than Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, and one of the best theatrical scores in the gaming business. God of War III has been a long t...

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From the Bakemono's Mouth: God of War III 0

  Make no mistake. God of War III is one of the boldest games on the PS3. If you have some innate bloodlust in your gaming tastes, then this game is right up your alley. Even people who wouldn’t play video games for various reasons often pick up the God of War series and III is the most technically capable. But does that mean it’s the best?  Presentation  By far the best thing about this game is the presentation. I was stunned by how good the game looked when I was playing. Seeing the ...

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Kratos Gets a Beautiful, if Mechanically Unchanged, Sendoff 0

  God of War burst onto the scene in March of 2005 and changed the face of consoles mascots. Previously occupied by friendly plumbers and fast running rodent his ultra-violent take on Greek mythology, quest for vengeance, and amazing gameplay were aww inspiring. Over the next five years Kratos has been murdering every Greek god, hero and mythological creature he can get his hands on across three games and two different consoles. The conclusion to his epic journey has been long awaited.   For...

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The Ghost of Sparta rides again. 0

It is impossible to refine perfection.   God of War III’s biggest challenge is trying to live up to the immense success of its predecessors while still delivering a unique experience.   The problem that evolves from this is that the first two games in the God of War trilogy were so ridiculously epic and fun to play that the third game needs to toe the line on occasion, to attempt to free itself from its own shackles as a franchise.   God of War III may not be anything new, but damn if it doesn’t...

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No Hope for Kratos 3

Let's get this out of the way. God of War 2 was the crowning achievement of my PS2 gaming days. I am a huge Kratos fan. I'm big enough fan of the niche of the action genre that GoW created, that I shelled out cash for the recent soulless knock-off, Dante's Inferno. I held off on purchasing a PS3 for a long time, but God of War 3 was where my motivation started every time I was weighing the decision. It was a game I never doubted, never questioned. I try and avoid putting games or movies on a ped...

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God of War 3 - Review 0

GOW3 - Great game, somewhat underwhelming conclusion    Ive got to say, I was looking forward to God of War 3 a lot.  When it missed it release date last year and was shifted to March this year I was disappointed sure, but I couldn't help but think a few more months would make this a game to be reckoned with. Anyway, yesterday I completed the game in just under 9 hours and came away feeling totally indifferent to the completed storyline. GOW1 was a great introduction to the Kratos character and ...

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Vengeance will be his. 0

We watched as Kratos, the Spartan general, became the agent of Ares, and in his angry blood lust, killed his own family.  Then we saw him, angrier than ever before, destroy Ares and take his place as the God of War.  Kratos was still angry, however, and started smashing cities, and when Zeus tried to kill him, Kratos became, well.... angry.  God of War 3, as you might guess, is about Kratos being very angry.  Anyone reading this review should probably remember that the second God of War ended wi...

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While it benefits from an often unmatched presentation, God of Wa 0

Five years ago gamers were introduced to the anti-hero Kratos. A warrior on a quest for redemption, he served the Goddess Athena and longed to destroy Ares, the god of war. Two main entries and two spinoffs later Kratos is finally ready to take out his final vengeance on the gods. God of War 3 is the most polished and mechanically deep entry in the series, but its slavish dedication to series mainstays weakens what could have easily been the best game of this generation.As is par for the series,...

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He's Still Angry... 0

The short version of this review is this: GoW3 is more GoW in a prettier dress. They didn't screw it up. Now for the long version (possible spoilers). God of War 3 is exactly what you're expecting it to be. This holds true for every aspect of the game, platforming, combat, puzzling, story, you name it. It opens with an absolutely insane first level with all kinds of crazy set pieces. The sense of scale as you climb mount Olympus, or rather, as you climb all over Gaea while she climbs mount Olym...

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Stuff That I Played: God of War 3 0

This review will be RELATIVELY SPOILER-FREE, but will likely have GOD OF WAR 2 SPOILERS. For some reason, the actual box art didn't come up on image search, but this one's way cooler anyways. I've been waiting for this game since the cliffhanger conclusion of God of War 2 in 2007.  Many people found issue with cliffhanger, but I understood - I wanted my epic Titan/God battles to be jaw-droppingly huge and furious, and this could not be done with the limitations of the Playstation 2.  Now on...

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God of War III: Going Out with a Bang. 0

     Sony Santa Monica has crafted one of the most critically acclaimed franchises in video game history with God of War. So, with God of War III, the final chapter in the Ghost of Sparta's story, there aren't any big risks made or creative liberties taken with the winning formula. The deaths are more brutal, the scenarios more epic, and the combat has been honed to near- perfection. All of the se trademarks of the series are more engaging through their presentation and the optimization of the P...

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God Of War 3 Video Review 0

Let me know in the comments if I should tag along a written Review.     ...

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By the gods 0

The original God of War was an exciting, over the top gore fest that also managed to set a lot of the standards that action games continue to use today. Its legacy is no more apparent than in its own successors, as God of War III follows the original's blueprint to a tee. That means it's chock full of epic fights and cinematic set pieces that are a blast to experience, though some of the gameplay is beginning to feel a bit dated. The good far outweighs the bad, however, making God of War III a s...

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God of Wane 0

God of War has always managed to convey an epic sense of scale. From the gargantuan bosses, to the seemingly endless vistas that Kratos slaughters his way across, God of War accomplishes, if nothing else, an impressive sense of scale. The series has constantly pushed the boundaries of the platforms it’s inhabited to create the very highest levels of visceral excess – both visually and emotionally. Few games have managed to make me chortle with guilty glee as loudly as when Giants are cruelly, an...

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Kratos is Back, and He's Pissed 0

God of War 3 has been one of the major reasons that many have bought a PS3. Ever since God of War 2 was released for the PS2 people have been craving an installment of the series for the Playstation 3. That time has finally come and it has happily been worth the wait.God of War 3 begins exactly where the last game left off, as Kratos climbs Mount Olympus to exact his vengeance upon Zeus and the rest of the Gods. Before I continue I would like to note that I have not played either of the previous...

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God of War III Review 0

Sometimes I honestly wonder why the hell game publishing companies even bother with words like "trilogy".   Pros -   If you liked the previous God of War titles, then you will definitely love this one as well. One thing I can say that God of War has that many other games don't have it continuity. If you've played all the other games, including Chains of Olympus, you'll notice that not only does God of War III pick up where the second game left off exactly, but it also brings up events of the oth...

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God of War III 0

 Anyone who goes into God of War III expecting a lot of new ideas and changes to the series is going to be disappointed. God of War's strength has always been its spectacle and the strength of its design and production in every area, not its innovation in the video game landscape. If the first game was more consistent, I might call it the best in the series, simply because the formula was still new at the time. But because of the general nosedive it took in quality in the final act, I pre...

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Kratos thrusts his white cock into the world's ass 0

Previously on God of War, things passed away. That’s as apt a summation of the series as I can think of. Greek mythology, when not toned down for Saturday afternoon children’s cartoons or big budget crapfests starring Sam Worthington, are more about blood and guts than anything else. (Well, anything short of explaining phenomenon which primitive Greek science could not. Forget ion charges inside clouds, lightning occurs because an angry bearded man throws them out of his hands.) So God of War g...

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The End of A Cycle for Kratos 0

God of War 3 is the conclusion of Kratos adventure, or at least his first one. It’s more of what fans of the series learned to love, with some cool new additions and still some small problems.It starts with the same idea, you’re Kratos, the God of War, seeking revenge on who he believes did him wrong. You’ll start with all your powers from the previous game, but soon lose them, so you can become stronger all over again. Through the adventure you’ll be a part of some epic ...

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The best god of war in the series 0

God of War 3 is an amazing game.  The gameplay is solid, the story is engaging and the graphics are amazing.  This is a great send off game for one of the best franchises Sony has ever produced.  Lets first talk about the graphics because when you first pop the disc in and start the game, it looks amazing and i really feel thats an understatement.  Santa Monica studios probably have some of the best programmers since they have really took the time and effort to pull every kind of processing powe...

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Everything you could want from a God of War game 0

The God of War games have always been brutal, violent, difficult, and fantastic. The third console title and fourth game in the franchise is no exception. It's got blood, guts, and outstanding visuals. It also refines every possible aspect of God of War. From story-telling to visceral (and sometimes stomach-turning) combat to intense platforming and puzzle solving, God of War 3 really has it all, and that's the key here: refinement. God of War 3 may be viewed as if it takes no chances, but reall...

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Kratos' Triumph 0

   Review taken from blog and the upcoming below from the upcoming site; GOD OF WAR III REVIEW PS3 God of War III needs no introduction if you own a PS3, and I’ll wager a guess it doesn’t need much of one even if you don’t. It seems like since the PS3 was announced everyone, their dog, and their dog’s fleas have been waiting for this game, and for the most part the wait was worth it. There’s some ne...

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Haiku Review: God Of War III 0

   This is the Haiku Review, where I fully review a game in seventeen syllables, in a 5-7-5 format, letting you know everything to expect from beginning to end for this game.  God of War 3 Haiku Review by TurboMan : Time to kill Hades. I forgot to hit circle. Start over again.       Now meditate on the haiku to really get a sense of if it's worth checking out.           ...

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The unepic epic 0

Sometimes there are great games which I wish I loved. I feel like positivity is underappreciated in video games. Because of that, I usually try to hold a fairly positive viewpoint of "it's not for me" when I dislike a well put-together game.God of War III is not one of those games.I should start by saying that I had little to no interest in the series, and God of War III was the first time I tried one of them. I went into it with an open mind, and with some knowledge of its tone and genre: a vio...

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Play it NOW!: God of War 3 0

In God of war 3 Kratos is angry. So angry, he has not only decided to kill dear old dad, but to kill everyone on his road to revenge. I want to be clear and say up front, I have played the first two games and was a fan of Kratos. While his methods were a bit harsh, they were justified in my opinion. Now, after the trilogy's conclusion I feel duped. It's the same feeling I had after watching Star Wars episode 1. Far too much explanation in the end, for the trilogy as a whole. In fact, from wha...

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Hack and Slash and More of the Same 0

So, GoW3. Yeah, not much to say. It's a hack and slasher with Epic (and infested with quicktime events) boss fights. I dont really enjoy hack and slash games, but there was so much hype with God of War 3, so I went and rented it. Well it was incredibly good looking and had a scale I have never seen in games, all running beautifully on the PS3. Thats the good. Here's the bad: Hacky Slashy, boring boring boring. And there's Quicktime events, what the fuck is with quicktime events (granted they mak...

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The Gods are Weak, Kratos is not 1

 The original God of War changed the aspect of actions games in industry.   It took the in-depth combat style of Ninja Gaiden and mixed it with the over the top flair of Devil May Cry while simplifying the combat system to bring interest of the genre to a new group of people.   Fast forward 5 years and God of War III is the culmination of refinement and set pieces the series is known for without getting too far away from its’ original roots, for both good and bad. You begin this game where th...

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Turn the angst to eleven 0

  Let me get this out of the way, God of War III is one of the most technically detailed game to ever come out. Kratos’s model is rendered with so much detail that I was a little scared to look at him the wrong way. The high visual fidelity is also paired with an epic sense of scale. The battles with towering titans are something that has never been pulled off with so much style.  Now that I’ve gotten the obligatory praise out of the way I can delve into why I didn’t like playing the game....

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Amazing Game 0

 After two major excursions (and a PSP one as well), Kratos arrives onn the PS3 and is still not a happy man. You still seek to kill Zeus and you have the Titans helping you get there.Let's say, upfront, this might be the best looking game in history. It is a technical marvel. Kratos looks like a real person, the levels are crazy detailed, the framerate almost never chugs (it did for me one time at the very end out of nowhere) and load times are hidden behind in-engine cutscenes so they a...

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A fitting end 0

The "God of War" series has been the tour de force for the PlayStation since 2005 and now, the story of Kratos and his anger filled quest for vengeance is coming to an end. The end result is a fitting and satisfying conclusion to the series, though the actual gameplay feels, at times, like it's stuck in the age of the PlayStation 2's original God of War.   Kratos' angry journey has finally brought him to the gods of Olympus and Zeus himself. But in order to get to his godly father, he must first...

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God of War III is a fitting end to an incredible action series 0

   You can tell from the get-go that Kratos is one angry SOB, a trait that has pretty much spread throughout this illustrious series.   Now we step into God of War III, the fifth game in the series (counting Chains of & the mobile only Betrayal) and one question needs to be asked:   Does the series still have its spark?   I can answer that with a resounding yes. If you have played any of the previous God of War games, then you will know you play as Kratos, an angry Spartan whose one sole...

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God of War III 0

God of War 3   Playstation 3 Release Date: March 2010   God of War III is the third title of the God of War console series and the first title in the series for Playstation 3.  The character you play as is Kratos who is determined to get his revenge, vengeance on the Gods who is led by Zeus.           Graphics/Presentation   As the game starts and throws you right in the battle riding the Titan Gaia, it puts you right in the ...

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God of War III successfully refines elements that work. 0

 When the frail John Keats wrote "A thing of beauty is a joy forever," his thoughts were undoubtedly more directed at nightingales and Grecian urns and not toward the graphic slaughter of virtually the entire pantheon of Greek gods. Yet, in this (we're told) final chapter of the tale of Kratos of Sparta, Santa Monica Studios has somehow taken the tale of an incorrigible single-minded bastard who rips off heads by the dozen and disembowels centaurs and titans and turned it into one of the most ri...

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Kratos has come back 0

At long last Kratos has returned, wooo been awhile since I played a great action game. So hes back and just as pissed off as ever.  The game picks up right where the second one ends but I guess everyone knew that if they kept up with it. The first boss battle flushes the first 2 battles down the toilet but I'll leave it at that for those of you who hasn't played it.   Story: If you played the first 2 then you already know his quest it doesn't have many twist and turns his goal is simple kill the...

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A spectacular mythological genocide 0

  For ten hours I was in awe, slack jawed at the utter brutality on parade, wowed by the scale and unimaginably carnage. God of War III stands as a true spectacle, one incredible set-up after another, visually stunning, near perfect gameplay, God of War III is overwhelming. Beginning at the very moment that the previous game ended; with Kratos riding the Titan Gaia as she leads her kind against the Gods of Olympus, the narrative really never attains the level of adventure of previous entries, t...

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Kratos' Revenge 0

God of War 3 starts off with a big bang.  The opening tutorial stage/boss is epic with a grand scale.  The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is as tight as ever, even if it hasn't really changed all that much.  However, as the game goes on, I found myself not having as much fun with the game as I have had with the previous God of War games.  Kratos has become an unlikeable character who seems to be killing just for the sake of killing.  That being said, I still enjoy the game and would recom...

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A Frankenstein assembly of a visual Masterpiece... 0

March 30, 2010 - God of War III is the conclusive adventure of the story of Kratos and his quest for revenge against the Gods of Olympus. Showcasing the graphical power of the Playstation 3 console, Sony Santa Monica Studios has been able to render a truly gorgeous looking game, although flawed in areas where previous games in the franchise had mastered. Rating a game within a series is different than any one stand alone product because you can't just pin it up again...

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A Great Way to End the Trilogy 0

The God of War series has been one of the Playstation’s most beloved action franchises since it began in 2004, and it’s not hard to see why.   With its fast and brutal combat along with a dark and twisted version of classic Greek mythology, the series has cemented its place in the action video game pantheon.   Now, God of War III is upon us, which concludes the violent trilogy and Kratos’ seemingly endless quest for revenge against the gods of .   While the game can be described as safe from a d...

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Worst ending to a trilogy? 0

First off God of war 3 is the same game as one and two just longer.  i really wanna see the original ending they had for this game, cause they ending they did have flat out sucks, they just took the cheapest way out possible after spending the entire game playing kratos who is an a-hole to the 30th degree he suddenly becomes a pansy at the end.  beyond the ending, length and the stupid quicktime button events to kill off mini bosses and big bosses, this game was the same as the first two but wit...

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Going Out With Style 0

Some people I know did not like the way this game ended.  I on the other hand really enjoyed it.  I am glad they closed the book and decided not to run this title into the ground like other companies.   Let me start off with a rating system of VISUALS 9, SOUND 10, CONTROLS 9, STORY 9.   The gameplay we remember from part 1 till now has not changed in any form.  This game is easily recommended if you are a "hack and slash" fan.   Pending on your need taste of replay value this game has some.  It ...

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God of War III: Kratos needs a spanking 1

The God of War series, as was mentioned in the main review of this page, is about epic battles within grand scale environments. And God of War III DOES NOT disappoint. In all honesty, God of War III felt like it was made by the David Jaffe team of the first game - which is saying alot. But the game doesn't go without flaws or annoyances. The most annoying flaw I found within the game is the inability to open treasure chests. Sometimes, but not all the time, Kratos will attempt to open the chest,...

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Perfect End to one of the best Trilogies Ever!!! 0

From beginning to end the game hooked me just like the previous entries with its presentation, combat all the way to the end of the game. This was the first game n long time that I played for an solid 9 hour play through. Yes, the game is that good. The combat can be deep if you try. The game however, can be a button masher to those that don't try. I found the combat more fluid that the previous entries. I especially loved switching from the Cestus air launch to the the bow and then to the Blade...

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It is time for you to satisfy your inner rage. (nerd) 0

Finally, the long awaited end to the trilogy is here….how’s it hold up for me? 10/10….yeah I said it, deal with it. The Good – Let me get this outta the way right now, no, this game is not perfect, nor is any game. The problem is, a lot of cats assume a 10 means just that, to them, I say grow up. Since no game is perfect, then what’s the point of the 10 score? I’m going go with how great I thought my experience was, however flawed it can be. Continuing the Greek mythology themed sto...

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