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Gorion is the foster father of the player character of the Baldur's Gate series. After discovering the Bhaalspawn child, he decided to raise it in the isolated and safe environs of Candlekeep: A small, fortified village for peaceful magic-users and scholars.

However, Gorion realized that the child would eventually be sought out and killed by rival Bhaalspawn and decided to relocate what was then a young adult to stay one step ahead of their enemies. Unfortunately, he and the protagonist were ambushed outside of Candlekeep by Sarevok; a particularly brutal Bhaalspawn that had been amassing power in Baldur's Gate to the north.

Gorion is able to distract Sarevok and his men long enough for the protagonist to escape, but is brutally cut down in the process. Thus begins the protagonist's quest for vengeance.

Gorion was a Harper whose most trusted companions were the fellow Harpers Khalid and Jaheira. It is to them that he entrusts the care of the protagonist, and advises the protagonist to go seek them out at the Friendly Arms Inn just a few miles from Candlekeep should they get separated.

Gorion would appear several times in the series from then on despite his death, either as a doppelganger, an illusionary trick or in dreams. The scene is often replayed in the protagonist's mind as the story progresses, partly out of guilt but largely so that those manipulating the player (such as Sarevok or Jon Irenicus) could unlock the protagonist's dormant Bhaalspawn powers by making them angry.


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