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    Gravity Lift

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    An object in the Halo Universe that propels a person or object into the air. It is mainly used for transportation but different variations can serve many purposes, such as hurling respawning objects towards players or other objects.

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    Stationary Gravity Lift

    The stationary Gravity Lift is the most commonly known version, as it has appeared in all Halo games. It is a large structure built into the architecture of a given location and acts as an elevator to transport someone to another floor of a building. It typically makes a sound when being used. Stationary Gravity Lifts can be found mostly on multiplayer maps such as Guardian, Blackout, and Lockout.

    Deployable Gravity Lift

    In Halo 3 the deployable Gravity Lift was introduced as a piece of equipment. Wherever it is thrown, anything moving over it will be thrust vertically into the air. Where the person or object goes after being thrust depends on its momentum in a given direction. It only functions for a limited time however, and it can be destroyed by weapons or explosives.

    Forge Gravity Lift

    A third type of Gravity Lift was also introduced in Halo 3, which can only be placed in the Forge Map Editor. This gravity lift propels players or objects moving over it in a predefined direction, set by whoever created the map in the Forge Editor.

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