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    Haohmaru is the main protagonist in the fighting game series "Samurai Shodown" by SNK.

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    Haohmaru is the main character in the Samurai Shodown franchise. He is also one of the most recognizable characters from Samurai Showdown (Nakoruru being the other most recognized). He has appeared in every Samurai Shodown game and was modeled after the famous Miyamoto Musashi, a 16th century samurai who claimed to never have lost a duel.

    Haohmaru is a samurai but serves no lord, it is often said that he has a samurai spirit and he is said to have defeated most of the villians in the Samurai Shodown universe. Haohmaru was trained by a man named


    after he lost a duel to

    Jubei Yagyu

    . It was there that Haohmaru met and befriended another samurai named


    , after learning all they could from Nicotine, he had them fight each other to see who would learn the mystical arts that were contained within scrolls that Nicotine possessed. During the match Genjuro lost his temper and attacked Haohmaru nearly killing him and winning the duel. Nicotine banished Genjuro and a feud began between them (Haohmaru and Genjuro).

    Haohmaru is much like


    , in that he only lives for the fight and wishes to die a samurai death.


    • Kougestsuzan or crescent uppercut - Haohmaru spins his sword twice while traveling up into the air knocking his opponent down.
    • Seppuretsuzan or whirlwind slash - Haohmaru slashes at the air throwing a small tornado at his opponent.
    • Sake Jug - In SamSho 2 he could spin his sake jug to land multiple hit or bounce back projectiles. He also uses the sake to bless his sword before a fight.
    • Somersault Slash- Hoahmaru leaps forward and flips slashing down on top of the opponent knocking them forcefully into the ground. This is an excellent overhead attack.


    Hoahmaru is most widely seen is

    Capcom Vs SNK 2

    , unlike most characters who rely on combos and tricks to win, Haohmaru is VERY strategic. He relies on quick pokes and fast kicks while up close that goad the opponent into whiffing an attack that will allow him to land his fierce attack that does insane damage (about 4 or 5 can kill). His best groove to use is K groove. This allows him to deal with projectiles thrown at him (as his Suppuretsuzan does not come out as fast as say a Hadoken) with the just defense ability gained in K groove. Also should his bar fill up his damage is increased making his hard slash hit even harder and when the bar is about to empty you can use it at the last second to do his Ultimate slash technique (which can kill



    Shin Akuma

    at full health).


    • Haohmaru is modeled after Miyamoto Mushashi.
    • He has made an appearance in every Samurai Shodown game to date.

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