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    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 22, 2000

    Help to restore your grandfather's farm back to its former glory in this PlayStation installment of the Harvest Moon franchise.

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    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a farming simulation game developed by Victor Interactive Software. It is the only game in the Harvest Moon series that was developed for the original PlayStation, and was also the first Harvest Moon game to appear on a non-Nintendo console. The game received largely positive reviews upon release, with its colorful graphics and addictive gameplay staying true to the much-loved conventions of the series.


    The game is set in the idyllic location of Mineral Town. The town, while being relatively small, has everything that an aspiring farmer could need. There is a blacksmith which you can use to upgrade your tools, a store to buy seeds and other items, as well as neighboring farms where you can buy livestock. The countryside surrounding the farm offers an abundance of natural resources; from collecting wild berries to chopping wood for timber. You can fish in the lakes and rivers close to your farm, or in the ocean.


    The gameplay in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is similar to other games in the series. You are tasked with returning your Grandfather's farm back to its former glory; through keeping the fields clear of weeds and debris, growing and harvesting crops, and rearing livestock. The farm buildings themselves can also be improved and upgraded, in order to accommodate more livestock and to give you enough room to start a family. Perhaps one of the most important improvements that can be made is the building of a hothouse, which enables you to plant any crops throughout the year (regardless of what particular season you are in).

    There is also a social aspect to the game, in that you are required to befriend your fellow villagers (perhaps through helping out and taking part in annual events), and also search for a potential love interest, to ensure that the village accepts you as the rightful owner of the farm and allows you to stay.



    Received on the first day you arrive at your new farm. You should hug your dog every day in order to develop a strong bond between you. You can purchase a rubber ball from the character Won, and with this you can play fetch with your dog. This will enable your dog to perform better at the Dog Race held each year.


    Can be obtained from the Yodel ranch in the Spring of your first year in the game. You are not required to provide food for your horse (as it receives all its nourishment from grazing on the fields), but you should talk to it everyday. You can also purchase a brush from the character Saibara (the blacksmith) which will further help to increase your horse's affection towards you.


    Chickens make a perfect starter animal, as they are relatively cheap and easy to look after. Chickens, chicken feed, and medicine can all be purchased from the Poultry Farm next door. You should use one unit of chicken feed per chicken every day. If you look after your chickens they will produce one egg each every day. As your chicken's affection towards you grows, it will produce larger eggs. If your chicken wins the annual Chicken Festival, it will start to lay golden eggs.

    You can increase the capacity of your chicken coop from five animals to ten through enlisting the services of the character Gotz.


    Sheep can be purchased from the Yodel ranch (each costing 4000G). You need to buy a pair of shears from Saibara in order to remove their wool. As your sheep's affection towards you grows, it will produce larger quantities of wool. If one of your sheep wins the annual Sheep Festival, it will start to produce golden wool.


    Cows can also be purchased from the Yodel ranch. You need to buy a milker from Saibara in order to milk your cows. As your cow's affection towards you grows, it will produce larger quantities of milk. Once you have obtained the Cheese Maker, you can make cheese in order to increase the amount of profit you make from each milking session. If one of your cows wins the annual Cow Festival, it will start to produce golden milk.

    Both the cows and sheep live together inside your barn, which can be extended with the help of Gotz.


    CropSeasonSeed PriceValueGrowthRegrowth
    TurnipSpring120G60G5 daysN/A
    PotatoSpring150G80G8 daysN/A
    CucumberSpring200G60G10 days6 days
    CabbageSpring500G250G15 daysN/A
    StrawberrySpring150G30G9 days6 days
    TomatoSummer200G60G9 days4 days
    CornSummer300G100G15 days4 days
    OnionSummer150G80G9 daysN/A
    PineappleSummer1000G500G21 days6 days
    PumpkinSummer500G250G15 daysN/A
    EggplantFall120G80G10 days4 days
    CarrotFall300G120G8 daysN/A
    Sweet PotatoFall300G120G6 days3 days
    Green PepperFall150G40G8 days3 days
    SpinachFall200G80G6 daysN/A

    Game Breaking Bug

    The PAL version of the game suffers from a game breaking bug where the game freezes when the player marries someone. Since marriage is a big part of Harvest Moon games, this is a huge bug. A rerelease fixed the problem but many still have the version with the game breaking bug and since there is no way to patch a PSone game there is no way to fix the problem.


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