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    Iron Lore Entertainment Ltd.

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    Iron Lore is a game company (developer). They are the creators of the Titan Quest franchise, including the original and its expansion: Immortal Throne. Iron Lore no longer exists as a company but their legacy lives on.

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    Iron Lore Entertainment was founded by Brian Sullivan (co-creator of the Age of Empires series) and Paul Chieffo in 2000.

    After several years of doing various contract work for other companies, they released their first fully developed title, the action RPG Titan Quest which was published by THQ in June, 2006. The game received decent reviews and while not selling a huge volume, did meet with enough success to warrant an expansion, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne which was released in March, 2007.

    Their next and ultimately final project involved providing development assistance to Relic Entertainment on the 3rd expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War entitled Soulstorm.

    Soulstorm did not sell well enough to provide the funding Iron Lore needed for their next major project. While they praised their multi-project relationship with THQ, the publisher was not interested in funding the title and they were not able to secure the necessary capital elsewhere. Having run out of money, it was announced on February 27, 2008 that the company had laid off all staff and had ceased active game development. They do still exist as a company to pursue licensing opportunities for their engine technology but no games using this engine have been announced and it is doubtful that this will provide them sufficient funding to resume development operations.

    Multiple members of Iron Lore, went on to form their own company, Crate Entertainment. They're currently developing their first game, Grim Dawn.


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